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The Garden

By Jesse B Koehler

Written by Jesse B Koehler

"Next...A cabin. Inside, two storytellers must decide between staying or going, and what to do with the body." Originally broadcast live from SoHo Playhouse (Off-Broadway) in April 2021
Adult language,Blood,Flashing lights,Gun/Weapon usage,Violence
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Written, Developed and Produced from April 2020 - April 2021

Beginning as a desire to write a play for two of my friends, when future projects were inconceivable -- this was our metamorphosis of theatre within covid. 

           And all we needed were 2 Actors - 2 Camera Operators - and 2 Board Ops 

As Scout and Kelley performed in the SoHo Playhouse Loft (located in downtown Manhattan), Brandon C. (who also created our amazing stills & graphics) and Taylor (also the co-director of the show) followed them with live streaming cameras -- while also very carefully not getting in the other's shot 

Meanwhile Jesse (who is me) was switching between which camera feed the audience was seeing. And then Brandon B. (who was also our lighting designer, technical advisor, and is almost definitely a super-human) was running live sound and light cues inside the loft, while simultaneously transitioning the feed from the live performance to pre-filmed moments we had shot a month before. 

And in the midst of this rehearsed synchronicity of chaos -- Scout and Kelley were able to carry us into the world of Sam and Joan 

So it was basically a film .... that we shot live .... every performance 

                 Or if you like...

A story whose bewitching form is only matched by its fantastical content.

And guess what, we were recording the performances the whole time, just for YOU

It is our honor to share with you this story about holding on, the rituals we build, and revenge frogs  

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