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2021 Audience Reviews

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The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Carl Danielson

Company: Off-Leash Area
Show: i want to change the subject, again


Like many plays like this, for me it starts off confusing, then suddenly gets really neat. The closest thing to seeing something avant-garde in a real theater.

Company: Past Times
Show: Bela Lugosi Meets Edna St. Vincent Millay


A bohemian Hollywood blender of history, presented by someone who takes a winning feminist glee at all of it. It reminds you that everyone we've ever heard of is more than we'll ever know.

Company: Highlander Kitty
Show: half-baked mythology

good times

This piece has the tone of Greek history students messing around while the professor is out of the room, and it's kind of fun to just think about the theatrical properties of different kinds of cookies. The Illiad gets a little complicated, but making a Trojan Horse out of knight Chessmen is a stroke of genius. I take issue with the earlier review because this isn't at all sloppy, it's just purposefully lo-fi. The one problem with then style is that the show makes me hungry.

Company: Stephen Murray
Show: I Do / Renew

Secretary of State

A nice, tight 15-minute play that evokes a lot of questions without overstaying its welcome. The idea of government bureaucratically weighing in on whether or how long you can be married is completely loathsome to me, but Cecily's use of it to bring up issues she's afraid to bring up is dramatically interesting. And Brad constantly gives off a feeling of irritated disinterest in not only her, but his entire life. They're in for quite a year.

Company: Donna Kay Yarborough
Show: Rosegold


The author has a strong sense for unsettling, vivid details that get steadily amplified as the story goes on, until you're scared for a bunch of reasons including some you don't even know. There's one point where she snaps her fingers really loud, and somehow snapping loud becomes scary.

Company: Lady Chamberlain Productions
Show: Rosemary Daughter and the Rest of Her Life


In a time where all entertainment seems built around fan service, it's a relief to watch a play like this which is almost fan anti-service. Challenging the dictatorship of an author is an important part of fandom too. Or at least it's an important part of art. This is charming, crass, and where it needs to be, earnest.

Company: Perfectly Normal Puppet Cult
Show: Blandville, USA

I'm not a scientist

I love this kind of Fringe piece, just demented characters trying to make something funny out of boredom and despair. The voices are on just the right side of cute, and the visuals are just on the sophisticated side of homemade--somewhere between "I couldn't make that" and "I could make that, but why?" It is only 15 minutes, but for a piece like this that's the perfect length.

Company: Jackdonkey Productions


As much as anything, this reminds me of indie-rock shows I used to be able to go to pre-COVID and that I deeply miss. Well-paced, and the best parts are the short but succinct interviews. The statistics are fine, but this is at its best when it's just out and talking to people.

Company: Theatredust
Show: Becoming Adorable


Soothing voice, intriguing rom-com recommendations.

Company: Paper Soul
Show: Rewind-A-Buddy


The most tense game of Jenga ever brought to the stage.

Company: Randy Ross
Show: Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler


An entertaining travelogue through the world which morphs into an entertaining travelogue though the book-publishing world. Pleasantly neurotic in a gruff, understated, and recognizably Bostonian way.
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