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2021 Audience Reviews

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The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Marie Cooney

Company: Past Times
Show: Bela Lugosi Meets Edna St. Vincent Millay

Brilliant in Every Way

Last day of MN Fringe 2021! Extraordinary!

Company: Virginia Twins
Show: Big Plans

Fabulously Funny!

Last day of MN Fringe 2021! Extraordinarily entertaining!

Company: Alexa Babakhanian
Show: Dark Lady

Most Magnificent of Mysteries!

Last day of MN Fringe 2021! Most extraordinary! Minor and personal difficulty was the flashing lights, my most Beloved warned me of as I have seizures.

Company: Masch Up Plays
Show: Fuzzy and Brown Bear Go Fishing


Last Day of the Fringe! Delightful story! I wanted to listen and color, which I imagine children and adult doing too, as the listen to this story of friendship over and over and over again!... I was delighted by the stories, the coloring pages, and the video!

Company: Randy Ross
Show: Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler

Bald Bostonian Tell It Like It Really Is!

Last day of MN Fringe 2021! Extraordinarily funny, honest, and horrible! And a journey of a Wandering Jew at that, too!

Company: Jesse B Koehler
Show: The Garden

Spoiler Alert: I cried throughout the end.

Last day of MN Fringe 2021! Take the journey from creepy crawly... spooky silly... dramatic stories.... an undying friendship and love.... through the tears at the end of Tthe Garden... Pause.... Then breathe again.

Company: UNWSP Theatre
Show: Beauty and the Beast

Beyond Magnificent!

What a delight to see live theater again, even if recorded with a small live audience for a larger virtual audience. I did not know such talent existed in a local St. Paul college. ( I am not from MN, so I was not aware of University Northwestern - St. Paul.) As a theater professional, I loved all aspects of this full production: the acting, the outdoor and indoor set, the combination of live and mixed sound, the use of natural and electric lighting, and varied costumes, excellent use of props, and of course brilliant writing of a new play and stage direction. Last, but not least thank you to the stage managers who stirred the helm of this magnificent performance. I look forward to seeing many or you around the Twin Cities as Live Performances become possible again. Such a beautiful breath of hope. Thank you to all who made this production possible. I will definitely put UNWSP on my theater programs to follow and attend.

Company: Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre
Show: Breakneck Comedy of Errors!

Two Sets of Twins and Two Harbors

It has been a joy to watch Tim Mooney live for years. This up close and virtual performance added a new element: In your face comedy from screen to individual audience member! Love the hats, the wigs, the accents, the map locations, absolutely everything. Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo to all twin! And bravo and brava to each and every amazing character portrayed in yet another one-man show! Thank Tim Mooney for another grand performance in a familiar, yet altered reality. Twins of sorts!

Company: Paper Soul
Show: Rewind-A-Buddy

Motz, like boats, didn't float virtually.

Although wearing a cardigan, Buddy is nothing like your friend Mr. Rogers. Buddy is creepy and funny and everything in between, including down right disturbing. The biggest problem for me was the lighting. The background and props were seen, but too often it was impossible to see Buddy's face. Whether intentional or not, the best parts where when I could see the characterizations on Buddy's face. So it was possible to fix this if desired. So much of Motz's ability to fully entertain is the combination of story, characterization, and facial expressions. Unfortunately, his talents were not best served virtually for me.

Company: Donna Kay Yarborough
Show: Rosegold

The Brilliant & Grotesque Sheen of Rosegold.

This was such a creepy horror story, that I watched at the Denver Fringe in June 2021, that I had to watch it now again at the MN Fringe in August 2021. First off, this is not an AA meeting. An AA meeting is the tool through which a much more horrific tale is told above and beyond addiction. Don't be distracted that the speaker spends so much time talking about Dale or the fact she uses his last name. or seemingly irrelevant tangential talks about vails until she gets to her "drunkalogue". Be patient. Stick through the story through thick and thin! This was brilliantly written and performed right to the final second, which makes this a horror story, within and beyond the sharing of the unexplainable to those who will listen. Stick with it through the end and it will make sense, or not! For such are the things of horror, whether experienced, shared, or witnessed.

Company: Juggling Act Productions
Show: A Moment of Anxiety

A Moment of Anxiety Can Last for Years

Congratulations on your participation in the virtual MN Fringe 2021! This short film was about the effect a street mugging had on a previously confident and worldly traveler, who wanted to be comfortable in her own neighborhood and own skin again. Short, yet powerful and great use of community resources to produce. I watched a second time with subtitles to see if I missed anything. The aside about "are we filming already" pulled me out of the story which had already begun. Inserting close up of background photos would have been visually helpful to the emotions of her story about being blamed for being mugged. The character portrayed a strong woman, who wanted to find her footing again and not live in fear. I could relate as a woman, who acquired a life changing disability through no fault of my own. Great questions were raised in short film. Thanks for sharing your story.
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