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2021 Audience Reviews

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The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Jason Downie

Company: UNWSP Theatre
Show: Beauty and the Beast


Beautiful production design and strong performances! I'm not as familiar with the original work as I am the disney adaptation but I still found myself enjoying most of the production. I found the ending very abrupt, and because of that wasn't really impacted by it. I would have loved to have seen some sort of conclusion after The Beast transforms back into the Prince, but again, I'm not as familiar as the original material, so that might have been just how it was. Not bad overall.

Company: Siobhan Bremer
Show: A Theatrical Life

Engaging and Fun

This was one of the shows I was most looking forward to watching this year at the Fringe and I was not disappointed! I've always enjoyed one man / one woman shows, and this one was very well done.

Company: Theatre Mobile
Show: AWAY, NOW - The World's Most Desired Destination

A lot of fun!

The actors were both a lot of fun to watch, and felt very comfortable both in their performances and with each other. There were moments I found myself less engaged than others, and I found myself enjoying the storytelling bits, more than the musical numbers, though I do wish the one about 3:12AM was on Spotify, haha. In general, it was an enjoyable show, and you could tell both actors really loved doing what they were doing.

Company: Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg
Show: Apokalypsis: Quarantine

Surprisingly Heartwarming

This time last year I found myself dreading the day that the covid-19 / quarantine plays started coming out, and wasn't to sure what to think initially going into this one, but I found myself liking it a lot more than I thought I would! Both actors were very enjoyable to watch, and you could tell there was a lot of care put into the piece.

Company: Juggling Act Productions
Show: A Moment of Anxiety

Well done!

I've always had a liking for one woman / one man shows, and I really enjoyed this! I felt the delivery was excellent and the way the story was told through the actor made it very easy to visualize. I almost wish it was longer! I would have loved to have seen more. It didn't feel totally rushed, but I felt like there could have been different things that could have been expanded on or things that the story could have gone more in depth with. Overall great job!

Company: Daniel Reiva
Show: ...and Now This Happens

Important Subject Matter, Iffy Execution

Maybe the type of storytelling wasn't really my cup of tea but I found it difficult to stay engaged at certain moments during this piece. I felt that the execution didn't really match with the subject matter or with what the playwright was trying to say (or what I thought they were trying to say). That being said this type of subject matter is important, and it was nice to see a group of artists amplifying black voices. Thank you to the cast & crew for all your hard work.
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