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Minnesota Fringe

Five Fifths of Back to the Future - Online
Five Fifths of Back to the Future - Online
May 18-31

Each year, we take a well known movie or cult classic, break it into five parts and give each part to a different theater company. We ask them to stage their interpretation of that section and perform it in sequence during a one night only event and without the knowledge of who the other theater companies are or what they are doing. This year's artists include:

  • Juggler, clown, and mime, Benjamin focuses on Circus and Theatre's ability to bring people together and to create memories. 
  • Corpus Callosum Dance Project creates multi-medium art from collaboration between dance and different artistic genres. 
  • Fringe favorites FOUR HUMORS focuses largely on newly devised work, created by the company. 
  • Minneapolis-based actor, arts educator, director, improviser, playwright, and voiceover artist, Michael Rogers.
  • The Mess creates improvised masterpieces with Fringe favorites Rita Boersma, Molly Ritchi, Jake Scott, James Rone, & Mike Fotis.

Hosted by Harry Waters Jr., aka "Marvin Berry", from the Back to the Future movies.
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