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Fiscal Sponsorship

A Fiscal Sponsorship relationship is established when a nonprofit organization extends its tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the organization’s mission. Minnesota Fringe’s mission is to connect adventurous artists to adventurous audiences by creating open, supportive forums for free and diverse artistic expression. As an artistic disruptor, Minnesota Fringe programs encourage local and national artists to take bold risks, develop new ideas, and hoist themselves to the next rung of their artistic ladder.


In order to be eligible for fiscal sponsorship by Minnesota Fringe your project or organization must adhere to all of the following statements:

  • The project/organization is performing arts based in the state of Minnesota
  • The project/organization has a nonprofit purpose that is mission aligned with Minnesota Fringe
  • The project/organization is not involved in activities that would put Minnesota Fringe’s tax exempt status at risk


Application for fiscal sponsorship$0.00
Annual program fee - charged at admittance of fiscal sponsorship and each subsequent year at renewal$50.00
Administrative fee for processing every check, cash, ACH, GiveMN, or credit card deposit that Minnesota Fringe manages on your project / organization behalf5% 
Administrative fee for in-kind donations0% 


Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement


  • Extension of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status of Minnesota Fringe, a 30 year reputable arts service nonprofit, with an established business model.
  • Provision of administrative, accounting, and fundraising services with fiscal sponsorship frees you from having to take time on onerous tasks and allows you to concentrate on your art.
  • Alleviation of administrative burdens of corporate filings and board structure.
  • Ability to offer tax-exemption to your supporters and eligibility to apply for certain foundation and government grants.
  • Free advertisement in Fringe File newsletter (20,000 subscribers) for your show (September – June) 
  • Discounted advertisement for your show on Minnesota Fringe website (1.5 million views / 100,000 unique visitors) pages (July – August)
  • Discounted application fee to the annual Minnesota Fringe Festival Lottery.
  • Free registration for all Minnesota Fringe workshops throughout the year.
  • Biweekly Fringe File with “HEADS UP ARTISTS” section listing current artist opportunities, relevant grants, workshops, residencies, and conferences.

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