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Minnesota Fringe

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Minnesota Fringe

    Minnesota Fringe connects adventurous artists with adventurous audiences through festivals and dynamic, year-round programs and events.

    Our cornerstone program is the Minnesota Fringe Festival. From professional stage veterans to first-timers, the Fringe Festival is one of the largest performing arts avenues in America that allows anyone and everyone an equal shot at sharing their art. All shows are selected by random lottery. Yep -- that's right! Each application is assigned a number. Then we publicly pull ping-pong balls out of a cage with every number one-by-one until they have all been drawn. Shows not selected for the festival are placed on a waiting list in case someone else drops out. Producers receive 65% of ticket sales. The Festival is an economic boost for some artists, and we’ve distributed more than $2 million in sales to artists in the last decade. Some shows have earned upwards of $15,000 in just 5 performances!

    All of Fringe’s year-round programs share the same goal: supporting artists to take artistic risks, develop entrepreneurial skills, and find new avenues to connect with adventurous audiences. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates every two weeks with news about Fringe, our artists, and our signature Button Deals for exclusive discounts on performing arts events around town.

    Thank you for being part of our year-round Adventure!

  • Box Office Info - Virtual Festival

    There are two ways to participate in the Virtual Festival:

    Nightly Fringe takes place every evening during the festival (July 30-August 9). These performances, featuring local artists and Fringe favorites, are live and free to attend online. The Nightly Fringe schedule will be live on July 16 so you can plan your Virtual Festival adventure.

    • Any night during the Virtual Festival, simply navigate to the Nightly Fringe page to see the schedule and click on the link of the show you want to watch.
    • You do not need to purchase a Fringe Button (although you can to support the organization) or pay a ticket fee to view these shows. Artists may request donations.

    The Digital Hub includes a listing of live and pre-recorded shows that are only accessible if you have purchased a Fringe Button and are logged into the Fringe website. This show listing page will be available for perusal during the Virtual Festival, July 30 - August 9.

    • While the online Fringe Button purchase gives you access to the Digital Hub, artists may still require a ticket purchase to view their show. Some shows will be free, some require a ticket purchase, some are pay-what-you-can. Information about ticketing is listed on the Digital Hub page next to the show.
    • Artists are in charge of their own ticketing platforms for the Virtual Festival and receive 100% of that revenue. If you have issues with purchasing tickets to Digital Hub shows, let us know at and we will forward your information to the producer.

    Hot Tip: Be sure to get settled in 5-10 minutes before showtime to make sure you have all the necessary software installed on your computer!

    ***Visit our Box Office Policies Page for more detailed information about logging in and using different platforms.

    There are no refunds or exchanges for 2020 Fringe Button purchases.

    Beyond the button purchase for access to the Digital Hub, Minnesota Fringe is not involved in the ticketing of shows and is not responsible for processing refunds.

    Artists are in charge of their own performance fees and refund policies. If you have a question regarding ticketing, email and we will forward your request to the producer.

  • Fringe Binge

    Every year a handful of our most ardent Fringe Fans gorge themselves on adventurous art. The maximum number shows you can see in person during a traditional Festival is 55, but the sky is the limit during the Virtual Festival.

  • Volunteering at Fringe

    We are so glad you are interested in volunteering!

    We are currently evaluating our volunteer program to see how we can utilize your talents and skills during the pandemic. 

    Questions? Reach out to us at


  • What to Wear

    Well, since this year you'll be in your living room, wear what you like! But be sure to sport your 2020 Minnesota Fringe Button!
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