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Our Commitments

In 2022, Minnesota Fringe staff and board embarked on a planning process focused on core elements of organizational strategy to articulate firm, non-negotiable, and non-time bound commitments to artists, audiences, operations, and growth.

Our Commitments to Artists

  • Provide a full administrative platform that allows producers and artists to focus on their art while allowing for repeatable and reliable high-quality theater experiences
  • Guide and support artists’ efforts to engage audience members before, during, and after live performances
  • Foster connections among Fringe artists and other theater-makers

Our Commitments to Audiences

  • Welcome and treat audience members as an essential part of the Fringe community and invite them to be the fringe as co-creators of adventure
  • Ensure ease in accessing Minnesota Fringe, minimizing barriers for audiences to enter and engage
  • Seek audience input and feedback on their full Fringe experiences

Our Operational Commitments

  • Maintain strong tech systems that support high-quality, seamless experiences across all touchpoints for artists and audiences 
  • Use data to inform our ongoing outreach strategies, as well as artist and audience experience mapping
  • Prioritize ongoing financial stability and sustainability as we strive for growth in audiences and expanded impact

Our Growth Commitments

  • New partnerships and new outreach strategies that introduce us to new communities, understanding that inclusiveness requires more than just an open door
  • Physical spaces that allow for an enhanced sense of community
  • New programs and services that provide a full set of support to artists at all states of their careers
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