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General Liability Insurance

Minnesota Fringe's General Liability Insurance program* is a one stop shop for small small performing arts organizations (under 10,000 admissions) to obtain coverage required for performances at a variety of venues.

  • This coverage is good at any and all performance venues in MN, ND, SD, IA, and WI (own, lease, or short-term rental).
  • The total coverage is up to $1M per occurrence and $3M aggregate, plus $1M liquor liability.
  • Legacy Minnesota Theater Alliance General Liability Insurance Program users qualify for a grant to subsidize your annual premium through 2025.
  • To aid with program transition, Minnesota Fringe is waiving all administrative fees through 2025.

General Liability Insurance only covers the general public attending your events and roughly costs $500-$1000 per year, dependent upon coverage type and use. This is often required by performance venues for use of the space. To inquire about insurance coverage, fill out the form and you will be contacted by our collaborative partners at Kaplan Insurance Agency who will work with you to provide the right coverage to suit your needs.

Contractors, employees, and volunteer actors are not covered under General Liability Insurance. Contractors should provide their own coverage. You should be covering employees through Workers Compensation insurance. And volunteers should be covered under a separate Volunteer Liability Insurance policy. Kaplan Insurance Agency can help you with other kinds of policies, including Property Insurance (for damage or theft of property), Directors & Officers Insurance (for your board of directors and staff), Workers Compensation Insurance (for injuries to your employees) and Volunteer Liability Insurance.

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*Formerly administered by the Minnesota Theater Alliance

Other Helpful Insurance Links:

Volunteer Liability Insurance and Directors & Officers Liability Insurance from CIMA, available online

The Free Management Library has a number of reference pages you might find useful.

Important information about liability waivers from MN Nonprofit Insurance Advisors

A sample volunteer liability waiver form from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center
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