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By Nocturnal Giraffe

Directed by Joy Donley

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When an alpha-mom puts two other moms in the "penalty box" at a kid's party... rules get OBLITERATED. This wild romp through the competitive world of Mom-ing packs a hilarious punch with its all-female cast.
Adult language,Crude Humor
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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"The cast expertly delivers the tight and funny script, employing physical comedy and perfect timing in this polished and professional show. A momedy even those with no offspring can enjoy, as it tackles themes of "keeping up with the Joneses," the pressure to conform and fit in, and realizing that sometimes you need to break the rules because the rules are stupid."

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"I would highly recommend seeing this production!"


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When an alpha-mom puts two other moms in the "penalty box" at a kid's party, rules get obliterated! Piñata, a comedy by playwright Scott Mullen, premieres at the 29th Annual Fringe Festival. The all-female cast mixes the snark of “Real Housewives” with the heart of “Modern Family” in this wild romp of competitive mom-ing.

Greta Grosch (Carol) plays a pinched-tight mother ready to ban the under-achieving mothers from kindergarten birthday parties. She marches Katie Consamus (Jackie) and Stephanie Cousins (Teresa) into a penalty box made of pool noodles, and forces them to stand there quietly for the duration of the party. Cousins’s Teresa nail-bitingly abides by the rules, but Consamus’s Jackie feels her Xanax wearing off and is not gonna be ignored. When a clown played by Elizabeth Efteland appears, the party explodes like a piñata.

Featuring Greta Grosch*, Stephanie Cousins, Elizabeth Efteland, & Katie Consamus*

Directed by Joy Donley

*Denotes member of Actors' Equity.  This production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors' Equity Association Fringe Festival/Members Project Code.
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