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By James Gutzman/Melody Bay Productions

Created by James Gutzman, Producer (Melody Bay Productions, LLC)

Original American musical with an emphasis on dancing, singing and having fun. College students return to campus, renew friendships, audition for upcoming school musical and say adieu to Tator Tot casserole.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 7-11 and up
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--The composers/lyricists for PEOPLE R READY-The Musical were born in Ghana, The Philippines, and Minnesota, respectively.  Checkout their bio's on the Cast Page.

--Most of The PEOPLE R READY-The Musical production team (cast & crew) are based in Greater Mankato, Minnesota.

--One of our cast members was a longtime band member of the popular Minneapolis reggae band, IPSO FACTO.   Find this superstar on our Cast Page.

--The recorded music (instrumental) is performed by Minneapolis based band, "The Straw Rockets."  The vocals are live and provided by the cast on the stage.

--PEOPLE R READY-The Musical is the subject of a new documentary by TRUE FACADE PICTURES.  The doc is following the creation process for this particular new American musical, its muscians, its writers, its creation team, and all the behind the scene activities not known by many.  Warts and all, should be a facinating look "behind the screen."

--One of our performers is returning to the Fringe stage after having performed in the wildly outrageious and amazingly fabulous "Boobilicious" produced by On The Verge Theatre company.  See if you can find her on our Cast Page.

--The Executive Producer for PEOPLE R READY-The Musical, James Gutzman is a longtime Minnesota based artist/musician and serves as the Melody Bay Productions president.

--PEOPLE R READY-The Musical is directed by a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and Peace Corps Volunteer (Bukina Faso).

--One member of the PEOPLE R READY-The Musical  crew has a recent connection to Broadway.  See the bios on the Cast Page for more information.

--EYE CANDY was the first song created for PEOPLE R READY-The Musical.

--The pandemic (we don't say the 'C" word) had both dramatic and very sad impacts on the development of PEOPLE R READY--The Musical.

--PEOPLE R READY-The Musical evolved from an original premise of agoraphobia and brain tumors.  We're happy to say none of that made it in to the final script.  Just love, joy, dancing, singing and having fun made the cut.  We admit, this ain't no Shakespeare, but hey--that's okay.

--A PEOPLE R READY--The Musical soundtrack is in production.

--In the play, we refer to Tator Tot Casserole, which probably needs a Minnesota translation; in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it is more commonly referred to as Tator Tot Hotdish.  lol

--PEOPLE R READY-The Musical being performed at the 2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival is an abridged version of  the new full-length  American Musical scheduled for release in the winter of 2022 by Melody Bay Productions (The Publisher).

--Country Inn & Suites in Mankato hosted most of the rehearsals in their conference center.  It was a godsend.

--The Producer is happy to answer all your questions.  Email him at
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