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I Killed the Cow

By The Herd

Created by Larissa Marten & Leia Squillace

One woman kowtows and keeps her head down. Until Mother Cheetah struts in and thrusts her into the hip-grinding, cheetah-loving, animalistic wilderness of sexual reckoning. Will she be eaten alive? Will you?


Adult language,Sexual content
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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One woman thinks she has it all figured out and is ready to tell you about it. Until Mother Cheetah sweeps in, determined to tip her off balance. Through cataloging her awkward first sexual encounters, rehearsing mortifying phone calls, and tuning in to doctrinal lectures on veganism, she travels back to the moments that shaped her. These pubescent-laced memories place her on a path of endearing exploration.



But her journey of defining moments is catapulted into a larger quest when she realizes she must come to terms with one moment in particular - her assault. An event she has long repressed, she learns through conversations with Mother Cheetah, and with the audience, that she can no longer shy away from what has happened. She must face it head on.



It will take more than just courage and a good pair of cheetah-print pants to confront what has happened. This journey into thelawless world of sexuality asks: When it feels like you’re being devoured alive, how do you make your body your own?

When asked what she hopes audiences will leave feeling, Marten thought for a minute before answering. “I would hope that they lose a little bit of fear. Yeah. I’ll leave it at that.”

- Michigan Daily


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