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Not Fair, My Lady!

By Colleen Somerville Productions

Created by Shanan Custer, Anita Ruth, Colleen Somerville

Not Fair, My Lady! is an all-woman, company-created musical theatre parody review! It's 2018 and misogyny is alive and well on Broadway. And in the world. Everywhere. Let's...sing about it! Shit.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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The cast and crew of Not Fair, My Lady! owes a debt of gratitude to the #metoo movement, to the women (and men) who shared their frustrations and their pain one by one until the chorus of voices was simply too loud to ignore anymore. We thank you and we stand on your shoulders as we continue to point out the injustices that plague so many corners of so many things that we love, including musical theatre. 

Inspired by the #metoo movement, along with the fact that three very misogynistic musicals are opening on Broadway this season, the creators decided to write a series of scenes and sketches parodying famous musical theatre songs and situations to comment on sexism in the biz. This basic idea grew and flexed throughout the creation and rehearsal process, incorporating not just the basic premises of some of the shows we all grew up loving (or hating to love), but also the real-world stories of the cast and crew--from the discriminatory challenges hidden in casting calls all the way to visions of what musical theatre could become if only we listened to the voices of everyone in the room.  

Thank you for coming to see us. 

Oh, and smash the patriarchy.
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