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A Man's Guide for Appropriate Behavior in the 21st Century

By One T Productions

Created by Scot Froelich

A Man's Guide is a discussion series based on the blog of the same name; inviting professors, community organizers, activists, legal experts, and theatre producers to discuss the state of modern masculinity.
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The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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"I don't even feel safe hiring women anymore!" "What IS safe to say?" "Why do we need all these genders?" How do we get from there to a place of kindness, understanding, and true equity? How do we help men (particularly cis white men) understand their experience shouldn't be the only represented, valid experience out there?

Blogger and long-time theatre practitioner, Scot Froelich (née Moore), embarks on a five-part discussion series aimed at finding solutions for toxic masculinity. He's invited a group of experts representing a wide range of subjects to give insights on how we got here, what's happening now, and what we can do to move forward. With movements and topics like #MeToo, #TimesUp, and #NotAllMen drawing cultural lines in the sand, we'll endeavor to validate the helpful, and dispel the unhelpful.

NOTE! Every night is a different discussion and a different panel. So, please make sure you're scheduling yourself for the discussions that matter most to you. Or, that you believe will matter most for a male-identifying person in your life. Here are the topics of conversation:

      August 1 - 10:00: Street & workplace harassment; featuring Lisa Stratton, Duck Washington, and Katie LaPlant
      August 3 - 5:30: Dating & Relationships; featuring Kimberly Koehler, Raelene Caswell, and Justine Mastin
      August 4 - 8:30: Gender, sexuality, & intersectionality; featuring Lisa Stratton, Erica Fields, Taiyon J. Coleman, Marcela Michelle, and Andrea Jenkins
      August 10 - 7:00: Violence, incels, & managing expectations*; featuring Pete Singer, Sawyer Plotz, and Justine Mastin
      August 11 - 1:00: Producing theatre; featuring Leah Cooper, Duck Washington, Marcela Michelle, and Colleen Somerville

*The August 10 discussion will likely contain content that may be difficult for some audience members.

Panelists include legal experts, theatre producers, activists, professors, therapists, dating experts... and at the end of each discussion will be designated time for Q&A. SO! Grab your notepad, a pen, and your willingness to be open-minded, and hop on down to the Augsburg Studio. We're excited to see you!
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