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Decision Artist: A Comedy Mind Reading Show About Decision-Making

By Kristoffer Olson, Funny Magician

A brand-new show from a professional comedian/magician whose clients include the MN State Fair, Milwaukee Summerfest, the Ordway, and Fortune 500 companies.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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About Decision Artist in MN Fringe 2019:

Top 6 Can't-Miss Shows 


-St. Cloud Times


About Kristoffer's other shows:

"Great Show!" -Thrivent Financial

"Highlight of the Event!" -University of Minnesota

Decisions are more complex AND more predictable than we realize.  We make hundreds of decisions in any given day, from what to buy (or not buy) at the grocery store to how we spend our time.  You may be trying to decide right now which Fringe shows you want to see (pro tip: choose this one). 
-Who/What has the most influence over our decisions? 
-How do other people's decisions affect our own? 
-Why do we sometimes spend hours pouring some of the most trivial decisions while we can sometimes make life-changing decisions in a split-second? 
This show promises to NOT ANSWER any of these questions.  Instead, it will likely raise several more.  


Fun Fact:

You may also recognize Kristoffer Olson as The Nerd, a character entertainer at Saint Paul Saints Baseball games!  

More Details:

Audience Participation

This is a mind-reading show.  Audience participation is a critical element.  Kristoffer already knows what he is thinking and that's not that impressive.  All participation is strictly voluntary.   This participation is sometimes as simple as answering a question from your seat.  


This show involves mentalism and mind-reading.  There is a chance Kristoffer will read your mind.  All mind-reading is voluntary, for entertainment purposes only, ratedPG,limited in scope to the content of the show,  and in compliance with all governmental data privacy laws, including (but not limited to) GDPR.  

Recommended for ages 16+

Use this age recommendation as a rough guide.  While there is no inappropriate content in the show, the material is written for adults.  Because of the mind-reading elements, there are details and nuances and things kids would just not appreciate as much or follow as well.

For more information on Kristoffer Olson, including a sample video of his regular comedy/magic show visit:
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