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Edith Gets High

By Devious Mechanics

Written by Keith Hovis

Meet Edith. Nothing helps her escape like taking a hit from her bong and playing video games. When she finds a mysterious game cartridge, Edith is sucked into a virtual realm and must face her own mythic quest.
Adult language,Sexual content,Violence
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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From Keith Hovis, the creator/writer of Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant, and Allison Witham, founding member of Transatlantic Love Affair, comes a new musical adventure. Mixing drama, comedy, physcial movement, and music, Edith Gets High examines those moments when the things we use to escape turn against us.

What critics are saying about Edith Gets High:

Star Tribune (Rohan Preston)
"Emerging writer and composer Keith Hovis, best known for his fringe-to-Park Square musical“Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant,” has returned with a joyful, sci-fi fantasia... The musical is clever, inventive and witty, and has thrilling turns by Debra Berger as the title character who uses weed to unleash her superpowers."

City Pages (Jay Gabler)
" ..A musical comedy with ratatat wordplay so dextrous that Thursday's audience interrupted songs with applause out of sheer appreciation for how nimbly Hovis wraps his gloriously silly lyrics around impressively intricate melodies. Call it stoner Sondheim. This kind of material thrives on Fringegoers' energy, and when it's this well-conceived, the result is unforgettable. The video game gags all land brilliantly, and under the direction of Allison Witham, the tight six-member ensemble bring physical fearlessness and high (so to speak) spirits to Hovis' nifty script. The story centers on a loving same-sex couple so exultant in their gaming glee, and so joyfully contrary to the troll's sexist stereotypes, thatEdith Gets High will almost make you forgetReady Player One ever existed."

Twin Cities Arts Reader (Basil Considine)
"This new musical by Keith Hovis (of recent Jefferson Township fame) came within a handful of seats of selling out on opening night. Audience lines wrapped around the Rarig Center well before doors opened, and the show did not disappoint.Edith Gets High is an intensely funny and original musical with lines of social commentary thrown in like cocaine."
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