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I K(no)W

By Showgirl Awakening

Created by Kellita Maloof

As Kellita comes to know herself through burlesque, and “NO’s” herself into autoimmune recovery, she finds unexpected revelations in an airplane potty, a New Orleans nightclub and a spacious room at SF General.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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What genre is "I K(no)W"?

Solo performance...think intimate-chat-with-a-friend meets TED Talk meets awakening burlesque.


How did "I K(no)W" come to be?

“How far back do I go?  I just knew there was a show that wanted to be born.  I've been creating 15 minute autobiographic solos in Solo Performance Workshop in San Francisco with Martha Rynberg since 2013, performing and teaching burlesque + showgirl dance since 2000, and singing since I was a wee child.  I assumed that when I created a full length one woman show, it would be a song/dance/talk show, a musical show, but this is the show I was pregnant with.  The show showed me it was ready to be born.  I just listened well.  And picked the perfect collaborating and midwifing director, Martha Rynberg." 


What They're Saying about "I K(no)W"

“Kellita occupies the stage entirely as herself. This show and story is authentic, strong and vulnerable, light and funny, deep and vast. Kellita moves through these realms with ease, and her ability to be 100% herself on stage while taking us on a curvy ride through the boom booms of life makes for a beautiful experience as an audience member. She is one of those rare “performers” that appears to not be performing at all but entirely ‘being’ on stage.”- Julie Gieseke


“Kellita’s show is raw, real and true. Her humor is delightful, subtle, gentle and I quickly was lost in her world. I love her authenticity in the moment as she weaves healing and creativity in a most unique way. I felt like I got a free healing session through her stories.”- Alice Moore


“Kellita, the superb and witty burlesque dancer/choreographer, leaves her clothes on and lays her heart bare in this warm telling of her unsettling partnership with her own powerful, eloquent, recalcitrant body. Knocked flat repeatedly by ulcerative colitis, Kellita determines to search out the emotional and spiritual sources of her troubles. In ‘I K(no)w,’ she stands and delivers the story of her recovery, frankly, with great humor, and begs the question of her audience – how do we force ourselves to make the indigestible digestible? And how can we get ourselves to stop doing it? “- Amanda Moody


“Kellita taught me more about feminine essence in 1hr of storytelling than I’ve learned in a decade of personal experiences. Been waiting for a show like this for a long time. Excellent.”- Zach Luz​​


“I have known Kellita for many many years - performing with her during my roaring Cabaret 20’s.  She is a phenomenon of the SF Burlesque stage, bringing depth and thoughtfulness to the art form like no one else.  She has been helping women find their power and self love through Burlesque with her ‘Showgirl Awakening” program for years.  And now, she is diving into her personal journey of how she came to that work in this fabulous show. - Joyful Raven


“There are shows that are engaging or entertaining. There are shows that you talk about right after you see them but don’t ever think about again. And then there are shows that start you thinking of everyone you can send to see the show. Kellita engaged my heart, soul, gut and brain. The idea of being able to be seen/heard by yourself and being seen/heard by other people is fascinating and compelling. I have found we can’t be seen/heard if we are hiding or afraid of parts of ourselves. I K(no)W is a soul baring show.​​” - Denise Dee
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