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Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart II: The Wrath of Fandom

By The Theatre Cosmic

Written by Brandon Taitt

The sequel to the sold-out MN Fringe hit is set 30 years later: Patrick Stewart. Another elevator. Another sci-fi convention. The stakes are higher than ever as toxic masculinity, diversity, and hope collide.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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The sequel to the sold-out 2013 MN Fringe Festival Audience favorite "Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart"

Set thirty years after the original, The Wrath of Fandom features the return of George Michael Calger as Sir Patrick Stewart. Sir Patrick once again finds himself stuck in an elevator at a science fiction convention, this time with not one, but two admirers: Daniel (Travis Bedard), his friend from the original elevator all those years ago; and Miranda (Ali Daniels), a young convention worker who will come face-to-face with the horror of toxic male fandom. Meanwhile, as chaos ensues at the convention, the bitter, veteran convention organizer Gretchen (Tanaya E. Walker) finds herself ensnared by two young cosplayers (Destiny A. Davison and Camille Isodora Smith). 

There are still excited fans and hard-working but beleaguered convention workers. But times have changed, and with the rise of toxic masculinity in fandom, this time the stakes are much higher.

The struggle for power, identity, and hope for the future explode in this epic saga of the diverse heroes who will rise against the dark forces of raging fanboys and save us all.

About The Theatre Cosmic

The Theatre Cosmic is a Twin Cities-based company under the direction of Brandon Taitt and Kevin T. Houle. Theatre Cosmic's previous productions at the Minnesota Fringe Festival include Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart in 2013, After Life in 2014, Lazy Eyed Geek in 2016, and Knifeslingin'! in 2017 (co-produced with Paper Soul). You can follow The Theatre Cosmic on Facebook and Twitter

Content Notice: this show contains strong language and discussions of rape, violence against women, and misogyny.
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