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The Viking and The Gazelle

By The Waterfront Productions

Created by Dr. William P. Bengtson and Suzanne M. Bengtson

GREAT REVIEWS!!! And: Diversity Night Thursday Aug 8th 7pm, scheduled to be attended by Minneapolis Mayor Frey. A provocative 90-minute story of racial tension in the intimate context of a romantic comedy.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Diversity Night!  -  Thursday August 8th 7pm.  In support of diversity, Minneapolis Mayor Frey is scheduled to attend and provide a pre-show statement in support of creative ways to advance diversity, such as the efforts of The Waterfront Productions' The Viking and The Gazelle.

The Viking and The Gazelle is a romantic comedy about the budding courtship of a Twin Cities couple with the role of race thrust upon their relationship.  African-American Michelle was born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, while White Robert is from the Minneapolis suburb of Hopkins.  Sparks fly in the hearts of the new couple, yet a happy ending is no foregone conclusion.  With a cast of seven characters overall, Michelle and Robert find love’s battlefield surprisingly fraught with the biases of society, including with their trusted confidants; not to mention Robert’s deep dark secret.

In a space and time in the land of “Minnesota Nice” where racial bias is seemingly diminishing, tough and relevant conversations erupt in this wonderful play that, though pointedly frank, does not take itself too seriously.  

Ultimately, The Viking and The Gazelle is a play about having the courage to express who we are in a world that expects conformity, and the tensions created by the clash of cultures within an inter-racial relationship; all wrapped within a romantic comedy. You'll find yourself laughing, while questioning your own assumptions about race in America at the same time. 

About the Co-writers-directors-producers -

Dr. William Bengtson and Suzanne Bengtson are two Minneapolis locally-based new co-writers-directors-producers who began their inter-racial romantic relationship, the loose inspiration for the play, at middle-age in 2011.  They have humorously brought their experiences to stage using characters who each represent an amalgamation of actual individuals and society.   Marrying in 2014 and maneuvering through a mixed family of their seven children and eight grandchildren, the two plan to leverage their August 2019 Minnesota Fringe debut performances to bring an upgraded script and production to Mixed Blood Theatre this holiday season.  

About The Waterfront Productions:  Founded by the co-writers-directors-producers -
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