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Welcome to the Digital Hub!

Congratulations! You purchased a 2020 Fringe Festival Button which means you are directly supporting Minnesota Fringe and adventurous art. THANK YOU! It also means you have unlocked exclusive content created by artists from around the world. In fact, there are so many artists in the Digital Hub, we had to break it up into two parts.

Digital Hub Live  Digital Hub Recorded
Live & Timed Performances Recorded Shows
Live and Timed Performances happen on a particular date at a specific time.
Check out the schedule so you can plan your Fringe binge!
Recorded Shows are available to you at any time on the artists platform of choice.
Now you can Fringe anytime - day or night. Let the marathon begin!
Artists Include: Maatology Productions, Maximum Verbosity, Brian Feldman Projects, TruSongstress Productions, Cameryn Moore/Little Black Book Productions, Reservoir Frogs, Taj Ruler & Emily Schmidt, Heather Meyer Artists Include: Cirque Us, WeFlip Entertainment, Mermaid Productions, The Feral Theatre Company, Ray Terrill Dance Group, Seaview Session, The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal Barrett, Evening Crane Theatre, The Fourth Wall, Martin Dockery, WHO'S LOUIS?, Playable Artworks, Queen City Flash, Paper Soul, Dr. Dour & Peach, Ms., Kinetic Dust, Ruth MacKenzie and friends, Theater Mobile, Pones, Conundrum Collective, Stadler Staging  Production Co., The Theatre Cosmic, Unreliable Narrator Theater Group, The People Projects, The Outer Loop Theater Experience, Alyssa Rae/Second Star Productions, That Crying mask and That Laughing Mask Productions, Daniel Hertz, Literally Entertainment, The Electric Telescope Experimental Theatre, The Pilot Dance Project, Meg Kirchhoff, The Winding Sheet Outfit, Albino Squirrel Productions, Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society, Visionary Theater, Reeder Lockhaven Communications, RE|dance group, RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy

Don't forget the Nightly Fringe offers 1-3 LIVE Performances for FREE each night of the Virtual Festival. 

Accessible Shows
Minnesota Fringe is proud to offer recorded shows in the Digital Hub that include Audio Description and/or Closed Captions for our patrons with visual impairment or who may be deaf or hard of hearing. Patrons wishing to watch these shows in the Digital Hub are invited to use the code "Access2020" at check-out to receive a Fringe Button, and access to the Digital Hub, at no cost, then click on the link below.

Audio Description  Closed Captions 
 "Killjoy, Ohio" by Queen City Flash "Killjoy, Ohio" by Queen City Flash
 "Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart" by The Theatre Cosmic "Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart" by The Theatre Cosmic
  "Paul and Erika's HOUSE SHOW" by Theatre Mobile
Click on the video labeled "This one has closed captioning!"
and put in the password as directed on the site. Enjoy!
  "Love and Other Lures" by Dr. Dour & Peach
Audio Only Shows  
"Old Time Radio: Original Works" by The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society "Radio FEAR!" by Conundrum Collective                       

Some performances in the Digital Hub are ticketed by or include suggested donation amounts from the artist who is entitled to 100% of the proceeds. Thank you for supporting this creative workforce, many of whom have been unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic and with few gainful opportunities in the foreseeable future. 

Box Office
Artists are in charge of their own performance fees and refund policies. If you have a question regarding ticketing, email and we will forward your request to the producer.
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