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Able To _

By RMT Movement

Created by Rebecca Tanner, Sydney Ward, & Cast

You really want to, but can’t No amount of will can get you from this side of can’t to that side of could Even if it could, would it be worth it? In ABLE TO_ we journey the dynamic landscape of chronic illness
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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- The venue is wheelchair accessible.
- Parking is often a challenge near this venue. If you would like assistance locating accessible parking, please reach out.
- Proof of vaccination is required to participate in or attend MN Fringe Festival this year. Additionally, we are encouraging ALL audience members to wear masks and reserving the front row at our show for mask-wearing audience members ONLY.
- There won't be strobing light effects.
- There may be potentially startling sounds.
- The full program is digital and should be screenreader compatible.
- There is spoken word - both recorded and live - in the show.
- Live transcription is not available at our venue. However, the text is in the program for reference. If you require a sign language interpreter in order to attend, please reach out.



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