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Cupcake Murders, a Ballet

By Pacific Midwest Ballet

Created by Pacific Midwest Ballet

After a lucrative buy-out offer, three bakery owners mysteriously start dying. Can the last baker discover who the murderer is before it’s too late? Accompanied by dancing cupcakes!
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 7-11 and up
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Three owners of a successful bakery receive a tempting cash offer to buy their small business. As soon as they decide to accept the money one of them is found dead the next morning. Investigators race to uncover the truth of who the murderer is, and the bakery struggles in the midst of tragedy. Will the mystery be solved before more damage is done? Dancing cupcakes and ghosts round out this playful murder-mystery.

Join us for Pacific Midwest Ballet's third appearance at MN Fringe Festival, following Revolt, Robot! in 2019 and Zombies and Pirouettes in 2018. We are a group of Twin Cities-based dancers who are thrilled to be crafting live performance again. We hope you enjoy the show!

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