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Daybreak Diner

By Lady Z Productions

Created by Maureen L. Bourgeois

What if walls could talk? Welcome to Daybreak Diner! Pull up a chair and experience the past, present, life, love, and the discovery of self in a small town diner.
Abuse/Physical violence,Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Welcome to Daybreak Diner. It’s a second home to many, a place for people to go to and feel like a family. The summer of ‘83 is a crossroads. Nellie and Luke are in their 20s, in love, but at different places in their lives. It is also 2030, and Daybreak Diner is decrepit and about to be torn down. Older Nellie has returned with her daughter to have one more moment to say goodbye. To let go to something she is not quite ready to.


“Daybreak Diner” was first presented in a reading in 2018 with “Monday Night Mingles” with Arts Nest, and in a staged reading as part of “Drafts & Draughts” with Minnesota Fringe in 2019. Lady Z Productions thanks all actors who have been a part of our past readings:
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