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Pajama Stories (For Children, All, Adults Only)

By Marie Cooney Stories

Created by Marie G. Cooney

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Marie performs various adventurous solo sets of stories this year: intended for children and those who love them, intended for all, and intended for adults only. See more information for dates and details.
Abuse/Physical violence,Adult language,Crude Humor,Mental illness,Sexual content,Sexual violence,Suicidal ideation/self-harm,Violence,Other divisive content
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 7-11 and up
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I'm wearing pajamas and you can too! So many stories, so little time, even with five different shows! Story choices might change due to time constraints, current events affecting personal choices, and/or audience preferences!


1.) Thursday, August 4th @ 7:00 pm "Pajama Stories for All", aka Four-Footed Furry Friends! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Can one be both or neither? Stories about cats and dogs, and puppy and kitten tales might include:

     Momma's Rule is about my Mom, who grew up in NYC, and the one pet rule my sisters and I did not like when growing up.

     Pepe is about the surprise pet, who came home with my mother and was named after the Italian chef at the Matador Restaurant.

     Samuel Tucker is about my first adult dog, a Border Collie, who became my Service Dog after I sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries.

     Hildegard von Bingen, aka Hildy, is about our top cat, top dog, top person, top spiritual entity who ruled our home over all others.

     Shiloh and Rico is about our cat and dog, who had a curious and funny friendship.

     Mystical Cats is about Hrotsy (aka Hrotsvitha, abbess and playwright) and Julian (of  Norwich, abbess and writer), aka Good  Ju Ju or Bad Ju Ju.

     Seamus Finnegan, is about my very handsome and equally intelligent Border Collie puppy, who is training to be a Service Animal!

2.) Saturday, August 6th @ 2:30 pm "Pajama Stories About Children" Marie tells stories about children, while wearing various pajamas! Stories are intended for children and those who love them. Funny, entertaining, heart- warming, heart-breaking, challenging, and serious topics. 

     Camouflage Pajamas is about the boys downstairs, when they catch me in my pajamas! But I see some of their favorites when baby sitting!

     Did You Know? is about Kelly providing lessons about wonderful things she learned in Kindergarten, which suddenly turns very disturbing.

     Maine-iacs! Imagine the things we learn on ocean vacations: swimming, sandcastles, lobsters, clams, icecream, pies, naps, mini-golf...

     PSA: Public Service Announcement is about sunscreen care, the prevention of skin cancer, and annual visits with a dermatologist.

     Let's Be Decadent! is about teaching young Reed the value of extra special words, which are more fun than 2nd grade spelling tests!

3.) Monday, August 8th @ 10 pm "Pajama Stories for Adults Only"  Due to themes of confronting workplace harassment, challenging an arrogant male teacher, experiencing excruciating pain; and intimate stories about sex, body image and abuse, only adults can attend this series of short stories. Possible stories might  incude these or others:

     Listen Frank is about when I was hit at work in my twenties (1980s) and my one hundred persent instinctual response before #MeToo.

     Caught, Caught In the Web of His Own Making is about confronting an arrogant, obnoxious, and condensending professor.

     Excruciating Pain is about the worse pain I've experienced, above and beyond traumatic brain injuries (TBI) I don't remember.

     Adventures in Sailing is about a trip onto Lake Superior, when all did not go well.

     Intimate Conversation are unexpected conversions that I as a lesbian woman have had with straight male friends.


4.) Friday, August 12th @ 5:30 pm "Pajama Stories for Teens & Adults" Due to current events, I changed this day to to include stories from the past that came flooding forwards in my memories. Suggested age is thirteen plus.

     Flag Etiquette is about the symbol for Our Nation in Duress addresses SCOTUS, guns, violence, elections, human rights.

     Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hide is about teaching in a Catholic school in the 80's and coming out as a lesbian woman socially on weekends.

     Judith is about a party hardy teen, who is faced with a difficult choice during her senior year in high school.

     Lisa Julie is about a sophomore girl with a secret that was too painful to keep. I interprete the song I use for her name as representing the before and after parts of her getting help, not two different women.

    Lessons in Shooting is about Shane, who asked me to teach him to use my camera if he would teach me to shoot hunting weapons.

     Before & Now is about the difference of choices made by a teen and then when she is a young woman. 

     Thomas James is aboout a teen who finds me on Facebook, years after his parents forbid him to spend time with me, because I am gay.


5.) Sunday, August 14th @ 8:30 pm "Pajama Stories Encore!" - Audience Picks!

What did you miss on another Pajama Stories day? A review of which story make you want to hear it? Is there a story that you have heard me tell at Patrick's Cabaret, Twin Cities MOTH, Story Club Minneapolis, WordSprout at Strike, OUTSpoken, KFAI Radio, Story Arts MN, live at MN Fringe 2019, virtually at MN Fringe 2021, on my sailboat, or anywhere?!!! Now is your chance to challenge me to tell a story you have heard or heard about or give me a topic to dive into off the cuff!
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