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Minnesota Fringe/Account/Artist Show Information/Star Trek: The Next Improvisation - Presented by HUGE Theater

Star Trek: The Next Improvisation - Presented by HUGE Theater

By Boldly Go Productions

Directed by Maria Bartholdi and Laura Berger

A completely improvised episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation! Join a brand new crew aboard the second-best Galaxy-class starship in the Federation. Truly boldly going where no one has gone before!
Abuse/Physical violence,Gun/Weapon usage
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Thu 08/03 10:00 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

Sat 08/05 1:00 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

Mon 08/07 8:30 PM

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Thu 08/10 7:00 PM

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Sat 08/12 5:30 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

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Video Trailer
Cast and Crew
MJ Matheson
Captain Desmond McKnight
MJ Matheson is an actor/ improviser/comedian/bartender. A walking cliché. He is a proud member of the Bearded Company and ComedySportz Twin Cities. A Wisconsin native, he followed his dreams 4 hours west for a change of climate and culture. He'd like to thank his mother for being the brightest star in his sky. And for always encouraging his curiosity, creativity, and compassion. (And it would make her so happy if you watched MJ's standup on YouTube) Giddy Up!
Sarah Busch
First Officer Nameel Kahun
Sarah Busch is a social worker by day, improviser and D&D player by night (and weekends) hailing from Minnetonka, MN. Sarah is excited to be performing in her first Fringe show since age 8 when she followed her older siblings onstage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her most recent performances include Manners & MIsconduct, an Improvised Jane Austen Story and Star Trek: The Next Improvisation at HUGE Theater.
Meghan Wolff
First Officer Cassidy Crane
Anna Tobin
Counselor Adriana Bliss
Anna is thrilled to be exploring the galaxy with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Improvisation at this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival! Anna loves improv and she loves Star Trek, so she thinks this show is one big chef's kiss! Anna works as an attorney in Minneapolis, but it's a fair bet you'll find her at HUGE Improv Theater on the weekends performing or directing. And if she's not lawyering or improvising, that is a rare time indeed, and she is probably hard at work planning her next travel adventure or taking the role of "dog mom" to unprecedented levels. LLAP!
Susannah Eckberg
Counselor Rita Ditwinkel
Susannah Eckberg is an actor, improvisor and writer in the Twin Cities. She has been performing improv on stage at Huge Theater since 2012 and acting on stage or screen since she was ten years old. She is also a musician, a lover of children's books and an avid cold-plunge enthusiast. Susannah is excited to be making her Fringe debut in her home town of Minneapolis.
Lucas Vonasek
Doctor Will Valentine
Lucas Vonasek is a writer, actor, improviser, and part-time game show host. When he’s not doing any of those things, he’s probably walking his dog, Gordy, or trying to perfect his cacio e pepe recipe while muttering to himself “Hmm…not enough cheese.” He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.
Bradley Machov
Lt. Commander Sotan
Bradley Machov is a local improviser and performer. He performs regularly at HUGE Theater in Uptown and in the short-form improv show ComedySportz, as well as hosts game show experiences at Game Show Battle Rooms in Golden Valley.
Derek Landsiedel
Lt. Commander Geoffrey Tusk
Derek Landseidel is a Spanish teacher, fly angler, and local improviser in Minneapolis, MN. Beyond that, he loves good music, good company, and a good cheeseburger. Admittedly, he knew relatively little about Star Trek before being cast in this show. However after diving head-first into the Trekkie wormhole, he is a true fan of Starship Enterprise and all its crew members. What a joy it has been to work with the directors, cast and musical accompanists! Outside of Star Trek, you can see Derek with his improv partner Michael in their duo, My Town Improv, or catch any of their directed shows at Strike Theater in Northeast Minneapolis.
Michael Renner
Lt. Able Morrow
Michael Renner is a performer located in Minneapolis. You may have seen him at HUGE Improv Theater in the most recent run of Star Trek: The Next Improvisation, or with his group, The Hall of Presidents. He has also acted with Seasons Dinner Theater, Box Wine Theatre, Classical Actors Ensemble, and performed on stage and in-puppet at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. When not performing, he spends most of his time daydreaming.
Ruben Gomez
Lt. Eddie Lopez
Hailing from the Pacific North West, Ruben is relatively new to the Twin Cities Improv Scene. He’s mainly a musician, but found long form improv in 2014, which has taken him all over the US and Canada (2 provinces and 9 states!). Since moving to Minneapolis in 2020, Ruben has stayed very active, contributing to notable projects such as Latins on Ice, Hot Pot, Liquid Knight, Rule of 3 and The Pacheacos.
Chris Rodriguez
Lt. Felix
Chris Rodriguez began performing in 2018 when he relocated to the Twin Cities from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Since then, he has been an active member of the Twin Cities improv community and can often be found performing at HUGE theater in Minneapolis. He is an animator, digital artist, performer, and podcaster. This is the second year he has performed in Fringe.
Neco Pacheaco
Lt. Zai
Neco Pacheaco is a classic theater kid turned improviser. Neco was introduced to long-form improv in 2015 and hasn’t stopped exploring the art form and performing it since. She’s improvised in 9 states and 3 Canadian provinces so far and hopes to perform in at least all 50 states before reaching the age of 50. Neco can often be found at HUGE Theater performing, directing, volunteering, bartending, or taking photos - some nights all of the above! She last performed at Fringe in 2014 as part of Five Fifths. They’re excited to return to the festival this year in the nerdiest way possible - Willow and Giles in the library!
Justine Myers
Ensign Tal Keevey
Justine Myers is an improviser based in Minneapolis, and is a real scientist in addition to being a pretend one. Justine enjoys baking and can probably be found performing at HUGE Theater or very deep in the woods.
Chip Ghering
Acting Ensign Bentley Moore
Chip Gehring is a recent Trekkie but a committed one, having watched all existing 43 seasons and 13 movies in 2022 after being cast in this show. They started performing improv in 2021 after taking classes at HUGE Theater. Chip's favorite thing about improv is how going into the unknown requires you to fully trust your team (much like the crew of Picard's Enterprise!), and how joyful it is to discover a story together that none of you expected. When not geeking out about Trek or improv, they like to spend time watching WNBA games, learning to draw, and relearning high school math.
Maria Bartholdi
Maria Bartholdi is a real-life renaissance woman (all of the awesome stuff, none of the plague) living in Minneapolis, MN. She is a performer, writer, podcaster, esports host, and 10-time Upper-Midwest Emmy® Award winning video creator. Maria is overjoyed to be directing the show that sparked her love of narrative improvisation more than a decade ago, when she played Ensign Mak'ala Dezo during the second season of The Next Improvisation. She can most often be found performing at HUGE Theater, with short-form improv troupe ComedySportz, or creating epic improvised adventures with the Bearded Company.
Laura Berger
Laura is a local actor, improviser and improv teacher in the Twin Cities comedy and theater scene, as well as a founding member of Babe Train. She performs regularly in shows like Manners & Misconduct, Foul Play, Family Dinner, and ComedySportz. This is Laura’s third year at the Minnesota Fringe, and her first time co-directing.
Erik Ostrom
Erik Ostrom is a composer, musician, and improviser. At Fringe, he has performed original musical scores for Slender Vale (2022), Geminae (2018), and The Last Bombardment (2017). When not at Fringe, he can often be found onstage, at the piano, or in the crowd at HUGE Theater. Hear some music at
Ryan Klima
Sound Effects
Ryan Klima is an accountant at a Customs Broker with a passion for Theater & the Arts. He has been a frequent tech at HUGE Theater since 2021 and provided the sound effects to Swords & Sorcery at last year’s Fringe. This year, in addition to The Next Improvisation, he is also teching 20,000 Leagues Under the Telltale Heart at Rarig Arena. Outside the Improvsphere Ryan enjoys jogging, watching fan-made College Survivor on YouTube, and running the Twitter account @SimpsonsAlbums.
More Information

Star Trek: The Next Improvisation is a production of HUGE Theater. If you want more of this amazing show, please follow HUGE Theater on any/all social media for announcements about future showtimes. Star Trek is scheduled to return to the Minneapolis stage this fall, so keep an eye out!
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