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By That's Enough Drama

Created by Gerard Harris

The regrettably true story of a shy, nervous jokewriter for a famous UK comic who crashes into the standup spotlight and decides to stay. An Off-Broadway & global Fringe hit about Comedy, Ego & Attention Issues
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Here's my 3 minute preview and here are some of the things that critics and contemporaries have said about the show and myself are so hyperbolic even I don't agree but don't let that stop you from reading and believing every single word. Also, this show just won Best Comedy at the Buxton Fringe, the largest fringe festival in the UK after Edinburgh:
"Hugely talented, a cut above most storytellers" - CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
"The man lays himself bare in his stories. His catharsis becomes your own" - Peter Aguero, Host of The Moth, NYC
"Harris' mind is like a precise Swiss watch with just as many complications. In short, he is the storyteller other storytellers want to hear" - James Judd, Snap Judgment, NPR
"Besides being a rollicking good time, watching Gerard Harris perform is a fascinating, immersive experience - a visceral lesson on how an agile mind devises its thoughts" - Martin Dockery
"Gerard Harris brings alive the authentic, inner experience of mental/emotional unease in ways which make us wince and laugh at the same time with the discomfort and great comfort of self-recognition" - Gabor Mateacute; MD, author of In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts and Scattered Minds
"a comically cathartic experience" - Orlando Sentinel
"A laugh riot" - Ink19, Orlando "Sharply observed, never unkind, very funny" - Fringe Review, Buxton, UK
"Harris is engaging and interesting and a masterful story-teller" - Stage Whispers, Australia
"beyond engaging into downright hypnosis....I loved every minute of it" - Art Murmurs, Wellington, NZ
"Hilarious" - Dominion Post, Wellington, NZ
"masterful storytelling....a dizzying, exhilarating, headlong rush" - Pantograph Punch, Wellington, NZ
"It's as if his brain functions on a different frequency and he's letting it run at full speed. The words pour out and they are coherent and mesmerizing.... honest, real and self-deprecating with a splash of dry British humour, you'll love Gerard's show. Don't miss it!" - Theatre In London (Ontario)
"He is doing something so unlike conventional storytelling or long-form stand-up comedy that he is dancing on the edge of a knife" - Apt613, Ottawa
"Harris is an engaging and endearing performer whose incredible self-awareness makes for something really special on stage" - New Ottawa Critics
"Harris has an incredible ability to bring people intimately into his stories, so that you feel personally invested in each of them.... It's fast, manic, maybe a little incohesive. But it's also terrifically entertaining...." - Capital Critics Circle, Ottawa
"Harris is a brilliant, engaging, dynamic and hilarious performer.... I'm not sure we can really add 'polished'to that list of adjectives" - The Visitorium, Ottawa
"An ardent reminder that being an active audience member watching great theatre can be an exhilarating experience...Harris is rapid, catapulting energy, reminiscent of someone like Robin Williams or Robert Munsch, who jam packs his stories with comedy and charm and builds and builds and builds toward a heart-racing, beat the clock, storytelling sprint" - The Way I See It, Toronto
(5 stars) "incredibly smart, funny an
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