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By On the Verge Theatre

Created by On the Verge Theatre - Amanda Joy Hauman, Michelle Parsneau, Jane Laskey, Jill Fischer, Christina Dyrland Smith

Boobilicious is a bodacious, original musical comedy inspired by our experiences as breasted human beings. Stuffed with sketches & musical parodies, it's Monty Python meets SNL, with a dash of Laugh-In!
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Boobilicious is an original musical sketch comedy inspired by our boobs, Monty Python and SNL. Created and performed by On the Verge Theatre, it pokes gentle fun at society’s preoccupation with breasts, tackling the subject with irreverent humor and musical parody. 

There are so many frustrations and expectations centered around the mammary glands. The absurdity of all the attention these overrated sacks of fat attract made us giggle. We thought other women would laugh, too -- and men as well.

Six months of brainstorming, improvisation, writing sessions (and more than a few glasses of red wine) went into the creation of Boobilicious. With music that runs the gamut from Gregorian chants to Country Western ballads to French cabaret, there's something for everyone and never a serious moment. 

On the Verge Theatre (OtV) is based in Mankato, MN, and was founded in 2017 by five friends: Jill Fischer, Christi Smith, Amanda Hauman, Jane Laskey and Michelle Parsneau. The group shares a passion for performance and many years of theatre experience. Tired of waiting for the right opportunities to come along,  we decided to create our own. We've been having a ball ever since.
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