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The Moirologist

By Life-sized Meme Productions

Written by Andy Rakerd

John Morton is a professional mourner with Fond Farewells Funeral services. He makes a profit off of other peoples' grief. As a rule, he never mixes business with personal life, but that turns out to be tough.
Adult language,Nudity,Sexual content
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 18 and up only
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At Life-sized meme productions, our goal is to use theater to present relevant discussions to our society through entertainment. We commit to produce plays that contain cultural aspects in a simple format by collaborating with the talented artists in twin cities. We also commit to keep the complexities and pretensions out of our plays to make it accessible to the modern day "commoners"

Our goals are:

 Bring relevant ideas and discussions to the community through entertaining plays

 Connect local theater artists with the twin cities community

 Produce plays at minimal cost in order to keep the ticket prices low

 Share profits with artists and empower local artists to confidently express their talent 

The Moirologist by Andy Rakerd is our second production after our successful run of "Year of Bad Men" by Patrick Coyle in March 2018.


Trigger warning: Mention of suicide and death.
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