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The Womyn's Mysteries

By See-Saw Theater Lab

Directed by Chava Curland

Leaders. Lovers. Killers. Mothers. Rebels. Prophets. The women's stories from the Bible are transformed for modern voices & challenges today. Told by a diverse ensemble through storytelling, movement, and song.
Adult language,Violence
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Leaders. Lovers. Killers. Mothers. Rebels. Prophets. Following the structure of medieval mystery (or biblical morality) plays,The Womyn’s Mysteries takes the often skewed and brief stories of the great women in the Judeo-Christian bible, and adapts, deepens, and expands them into a rich, honest, and powerful production. Using movement, storytelling, and song, this diverse ensemble of 8 women+ bring their personal experience and contemporary vantage point to these epic tales.The Womyn’s Mysteries connects the challenges of modern women to ancient archetypes, and, ultimately, the continually unfolding story of the multi-faceted identity and collective power of women.

Director/Producer (and See-Saw Artistic Director)Chava Curland (She/Her) has assembled a diverse and talented ensemble to devise this new work, and reveal a spectrum of experience across age, race, and identity.“The definition of what it means to be a woman is constantly changing as time passes. In the last year alone, the discussions around women’s roles, identity, and power have been consistently at the forefront - especially in light of the #MeToo movement, continued discussions about racial inequality/exclusion in feminism, and increased visibility in the LGBTQA+ community. Through taking these biblical archetypes, and then exploring, bending, expanding, and pushing beyond them, we’re creating a platform where we can begin to unpack the challenges and shifting roles women+ face today.” 

The ensemble of The Womyn’s Mysteries includes: Jex Arzayus (They/Them),Vinecia Coleman (She/Her),Jody Bee (She/Her), Katherine Engel (She/Her), Erika Kuhn (She/Her), Gina Sauer (She/Her), Samantha Joy Singh (She/Her), and Kate Kennedy (She/Her).

The Production Team includes: Andi Mickle (Production Manager, They/Them),Kassia Lisinski (Sound Design, They/Them), Manny Elliot (Costume Design, They/Them), andJody Bee (Development Assistant, She/Her).

Note: While the source material for this production is the Judeo-Christian Bible, this play does not advocate for or against a specific religion or belief system. We take the stories at face value, as archetypes that exist within the human collective.

See-Saw Theatre Lab is a fiscally sponsored non-profit theatre company with a mission to tell stories that are at the tipping point of the human experience.  We believe that the process of creation is inseparable from the story, and we welcome radical play and deep exploration into the rehearsal room and in our educational workshops. Through producing new scripts, devising stories, mixing performance modalities, and adapting classics to our modern times, we investigate and celebrate the breadth of our humanity, and seek to foster understanding and empathy for one another.
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