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A Tension To Detail: Gerard Harris

By That's Enough Drama

Created by Gerard Harris

From last year's Attention Seeker, a faster, funnier & better show about... everything. So if you like things, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU "Reminiscent of Woody Allen in his early 60's standup years" Pioneer Press
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 18 and up only
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British storyteller and comedian Gerard Harris presents a show that stretches from the deeply personal to the extraordinarily frivolous, looking at the foundational tales we tell ourselves and the narrative choices we make as writers of our own tragi-comedy. More importantly, we'll learn about the functionality of the average bulldog brain and the most humane way to dispatch a lobster into eternity. Equal parts philosophical, psychological and scatological, this award-winning comedy is “an unforgettable storybook ride of twists and turns told by a master craftsman” (Art Murmurs, NZ). At least that's their story. 

Here's some more of mine - radio interview on CBC
Best of Fest: Ottawa Fringe, ON / Best Comedy: Dunedin Fringe, NZ / Best Comedy Performer: Buxton Fringe, UK


"Reminiscent of Woody Allen in his early 60's standup years" -Pioneer Press
"Hugely talented, a cut above most storytellers" -CBC
“The man lays himself bare in his stories. His catharsis becomes your own” -Peter Aguero, The Moth, NYC
“Harris' mind is like a precise Swiss watch with just as many complications. In short, he is the storyteller other storytellers want to hear” -James Judd, Snap Judgment
“Besides being a rollicking good time, watching Gerard Harris perform is a fascinating, immersive experience - a visceral lesson on how an agile mind devises its thoughts” -Martin Dockery
"evokes Marty Feldman. He may be the only person on that stage, but he fills that whole stage" -Kings River Life, Fresno, CA
“Harris is engaging and interesting and a masterful story-teller” -Stage Whispers, AUS
"Woody Allen on speed meeting Robin Williams on a quiet day" -Fringe Review, UK
"Opening night's audience ran to the stage to hug him" -The View, Hamilton, ON
"★★★★ all the wit and timing of an accomplished road comic" -Winnipeg Free Press, MB
★★★★ - He’s prone to self-deprecation, philosophical ruminations and descriptions which might make the more sensitive members of the audience wince - which is why you should definitely go see him” - Edmonton Journal, AB
“He is doing something so unlike conventional storytelling or long-form stand-up comedy that he is dancing on the edge of a knife” -Apt613, Ottawa, ON
“…delivers a deeply funny performance... Don’t miss this magnetic stage presence. This show sent me on an introspective journey; it made me think, and moreover, it made me feel.” -New Ottawa Critics, ON 
“slipping wholeheartedly into Harris’s comic world is not just rewarding, but inevitable” -Ottawa Citizen, ON
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