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By Sneaky

Written by Maurice Herzing

A bank heist – with a timely twist. Tables are turned when the bank robs the robber. A world-premiere, original work about money, identity, and institutions too controlling to fail.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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"A smart satire on modern institutions."

Sun Sailor: "Excelsior playwright to premiere ‘Bank Robber’ in Minnesota Fringe Festival"

BANK ROBBER Minnesota Fringe Preview video

New Scene: Introduce Yourself(ie): 5 Questions with BANK ROBBER Writer and Producer Maurice Herzing

Maurice Herzing wrote and is producing Bank Robber.

Q: What inspired you to write Bank Robber?
Herzing: I’m very interested in how people navigate reality through abstract concepts like language, money, and images that can take precedence over the objects they represent. And, what happens when words, money, images, concepts and the like reference the imaginary and are no longer rooted in reality?

Bank Robber starts with a simple joke: a bank robber goes into a bank and gets robbed by the bank. The joke, however, becomes existentially horrifying as it exposes how the bank is able to accomplish this and, hopefully, points out to the audience that the action in the play is not limited to the theater, but is, actually, the world in which they live. The point at which we interact with institutions to get what we need is also the point at which we become a commodity of that institution.

Of course, no one wants to sit through a philosophical diatribe, so I figured that the best way to address this is though Brechtian style humor. That is, to present a horrifying concept in joyful, humorous terms so as to keep the audience thinking about the deeper topics in the play.

Q: What do you enjoy about the production?
Herzing: The production is very fun, a laugh on every page! I’ve been amazed at the talent I’ve been able to work with. There is some complicated language here that the actors have been able to make sound truly conversational. I feel that I’ve been able to get all of my important ideas into the production in a way that is accessible to the audience. Hopefully there will be a lot of laughter now and a lot of discussion later.

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