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A Theatrical Life

By Siobhan Bremer

Directed by Judy Myers

After spending 5+ decades on the stage, Siobhan Bremer’s life is more than just a bit theatrical. From kidnapping to birds on scooters and Greece to cancer, it’s all there. Guess which ones happened off stage?
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Whenever I tell people about my life they often say my life should be made into a movie. With virtual Fringe festivals as an option, that is what I decided to do. This is a stage play for camera and includes elements of film. Minnesota playwright Daniel Munson listened to my stories and created a script to weave together elements of my life that make me who I am today.  I play many characters including family and dancing animals. They are played in the style of how I perceived those people emotionally. The play has lots of fun stories as well as kidnapping, cancer and growth in confidence. Directed by Judy Myers, filmed and edited by Jason Underferth this story  moves along. 

Getting a chance to perform in a staged film version of this play has been a wonderful learning experience and I had such a great team to work with to bring this dream to life.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed the process. If you enjoyed the show feel free to leave a TIP. 

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See if you can figure out which stories happened on stage and which ones happened off stage.

Growing up in a theatre family, performing starting at age 4, getting an theatre from University of Minnesota Mankato and years of auditioning, acting, teaching and directing theatre make me who I am today. 

Audition, Rehearse, Perform, Auditon, Rehearse, Perform, Audition, Rehearse, Perform, Audition, Rehearse, Perform,    Audition, Rehearse, Perform, Auditon, Rehearse, Perform, Audition, Rehearse, Perform, Audition, Rehearse, Perform...                                             
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