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Apokalypsis: Quarantine

By Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg

Written by Erik Abbott

In QUARANTINE, married couple HE and SHE are separated when his flight is grounded, stranding him in another country. But with love and laughter and a bit of virtual parenting, they will confront their fear.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg ("Actors Rep"), a professional English-language theatre company founded in 2012, presents the world premiere productions of a trio of plays collectively titled Vignettes of a Pestilence at the Minnesota Fringe Festival (online).


The three original one-act plays, written for either online or the stage, will be presented as online productions.


The plays were written by Luxembourg based playwright, actor, director, and Actors Rep Artistic Director Erik Abbott, who has written over twenty plays. He is a former Twin Cities' resident and former Core Member of The Playwrights' Center.


The plays take place within the context of video calls, during three different time periods over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of the stand-alone plays deals with emotional aspects of life during the pandemic: fear, depression, grief, etc. -- but with humour and hope.


Apokalypsis: Quarantine, is set in the spring of 2020 and involves a husband and wife who are separated when he is on a business trip and is stranded by the grounding of flights. Their story unfolds over a series of calls and messages.


The second, The Last of the Cousins Beckwith, is set in the autumn of 2020, and features two cousins / best friends, whose stories conjure a shared history of their eccentric family, the struggles of and frustrations from continued lockdowns, and depression. 


The third play, When We Get Back to Normal, is set in the spring of 2021. In it, two colleagues from the same large company, but in different locations and who have never met, are the only ones to show up for a scheduled video conference meeting. Their separate stories reveal their mutual loneliness and grief.


The plays will be performed by Abbott, Christine Probst, and Lolly Foy, a Minnesota based professional actress, director, singer and acting teacher, who, like Probst and Abbott, has had a decades-long professional theatre career. (Foy and Abbott trained together early in their careers.)


The company is also working with Philip Taylor, founder and CEO of Morpheus Marketing in Luxembourg, who will be doing the video editing and assisting with marketing.


Morpheus Marketing


Additional information about the company can be found on the Actors Rep website -- Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg.
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