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Dark Lady

By Alexa Babakhanian

Written by Alexa Babakhanian

Shakespeare and Amelia Bassano, depicted in his Sonnets embark on a dialogue. Amelia is liberated from the shadows of HIStory. What if the greatest author of western civilization was dark woman and a jew?
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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"Dark Lady"

A pre-recorded virtual performance featuring a dialogue between William Shakespeare and Amelia Bassano, his Dark Lady depicted in his Sonnets - a mulatto, hidden Venetian Jew and the first woman writer to be published in England. They pose the question "To Be Or Not To Be" Shakespeare or Bassano? What if the author of what most people consider to be the greatest canon of western literature was a dark woman and a Jew? How would that have changed history to HERstory inspiring young girls and women for the past 400 years and beyond? Alexa Babakhanian liberates Amelia Bassano from the shadows of history shining a light on her life and her work. This is a 1 act treatment of a larger stage work. Featuring: Lori Parquet as William Shakespeare and Amelia Bassano Play and Music by Alexa Babakhanian Sound: Bart Migal

Featuring paintings of Cookham by Stanley Spencer
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