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By Kendall Kramer

Created by bad goods

This dance IS... And is NOT. Actually, it is AND is not. Hmmm, um, actually, it NEITHER is, NOR is not. A multimedia dance journey through the tetralemma, with light projection. Mmm, ambiguity is DELICIOUS!
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The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 7-11 and up
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Welcome, dear ones, to Delicious,

a dance and projection art show about Ambiguity!


We are so glad you are here.


Watch three dancers twirl, skitter, kick, and ball change our way through a changing world of visual art projections, taplights, fabric, LED balloons, and more!



Click here for a Preview Video!

Delicious DancerWe want to learn to love ambiguity: mutilple meanings, grey area, uncertainty, oh my!

A little less black and white, you know?


Delicious explores spatial, structural, lexical, and temporal ambiguity. If you're not into that, that's great, it's a dance show and we think that you'll like it! Honestly, we might have just made up temporal and spatial ambiguity, but don't ask us, ask this long scholarly article.


Or, you could always ask Gilda Radner:

"...some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

life is about not knowing, having to change,

taking the moment and making the best of it,

without knowing what's going to happen next.

delicious ambiguity."


Hmmmm, I dunno, I think I'm still a bit confused about ambiguity. Maybe it's time to get a little Zen?


To be or not to be?


-Nope, nope, that's Shakespeare!-


Ok, how about to be AND not to be?!

Neither to be, NOR not to be?


-Now, those are some questions, y’all-


Well, actually those are not just questions, that's the basis of the tetralemma, and a darn good way to look at multiple meanings, we think.


The pieces that make up Delicious follow the pattern of the tetralemma:

affirmation, negation, both, and neither:

AKA I love peanut butter,

I don't love peanut butter,

I do and do not love peanut butter,

I neither love nor do not love peanut butter.


After we dance and art our way through all of that (very abstractly, mind you), we imagine a space beyond neither/nor with everything we've got, and maybe some things we don't. (Learn more about the tetralemma here, if you're curious).


Well! We hope it's as ambiguous for you as it is for us! Or, at least that you enjoy yourself. We think "enjoying yourself" was definitely in that long, scholarly article from earlier.

Yeah, definitely.





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