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Stars of the Twin Cities

By Sam and Bethany Walker

Written by Sam Walker

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Stars of the Twin Cities is a movie musical—an original film accompanied by a trio. The movie on screen is scored on stage. And there’s interludes of new vocal music. Stars are here!
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 2-6 and up
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Stars of the Twin Citites

A new kind of movie musical! 

This is for those of you who like the soaring plays of Ionesco, the colorful extremes of Keita Takahashi and the idealism of an idling riverside MGB.

This musical event is a screening of an original, silent short film about surprise with no surprises, accompanied by new music from a new trio.

We hope it will leave you feeling hopeful and that the Stars stay on you mind for a while. 


Cast & Crew


Sam Walker: Writer/ Vocal/ Guitar

Bethany Walker: Editor/ Stage Manager

J Leininger: Guitar

Cabe Walker: Melodica
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