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Sunshine by Adam Szudrich

By House Full of Frogs

Directed by Franklin Heller

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Caught between the loss of her mother & her broken father, ride the highs & lows of the thoughts of a ballsy but broken gal stuck between her past & her next drink, on a journey of joy, pain & redemption.
Adult language,Mental illness,Sexual content
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Meet Lisa Marie Fulton. She plays Ellen!

Uh-oh! Lisa's hiding in the internet at the moment. Come back later!

If you missed our preview on July 25, now's your chance to see it!

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  • Youth Performance Company (for rehearsal space)
  • Trixy Heller (for putting up with a husband who provided very little help at home for the last several months blaming Fringe)
  • Crystal (for putting update stickers on 100s of post cards)
  • Tim Perfect, Dan Hopman, Paula, & Talia (for special "actor support")
  • Lindsey Maas, Erika and Erich Reinhardt, Adam Szudrich, and Kyle Dekker (for lending me the voices of their talented children)
  • All the Fringe year-round & seasonal staff (for the tremendous amount of work you put into making Fringe happen and the support you give the artists and the audience)
  • The many Fringe volunteers (for the incredible job you do in creating the best possible experience for the audience and making it possible for the artists to have an audience. YOU ARE THE FRINGE!)
  • All the patrons and donors to our show and to the MN Fringe in general. YOU TOO ARE THE FRINGE!!


About 16 years ago, when I was first introduced to the MN Fringe, the concept was totally new to me. I had just recently reconnected to the artistic side that I had buried deep inside myself for almost a quarter of a century. The idea that performance artists could converge on a city for 10 days and provide such a variety of free-spirited offerings was just fascinating to me and was something that truly made me feel connected to the Twin Cities, my transplanted home. First I became an audience member, then I started volunteering. Eventually I began performing, and finally I stepped into directing opportunities with the hope of one day having the guts to actually produce a show as well. This was finally the year and I cannot express to you how grateful I am to have gotten to this point. I am ever so grateful to the patrons and the donors of the Fringe who have supported this amazing event year after year even when there were some special challenges both financially and public health-wise. I am equally grateful to my co-volunteers, co-artists, co-directors, and co-producers because we are all the Fringe. Thank you for accepting me as one of you!




And most of all, I am grateful to my wife Trixy, who has given me the strength and encouragement to continue my theatrical endeavors even though there is so much more going on in my life now that we have each other.
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