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3754 Pleasant Avenue, Minneapolis


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Building Entrances
❖ The 38th Street entrance facing the south side of the building is our main entrance. It measures
3 feet or 6 feet in width, depending whether double wide is open, or only a single door, and with
an ⅛ inch lip. There are no steps, and the door open push buttons are 2 ft 9 inches high.
❖ The lobby and halls at CFPA, especially in the west wing, feature concrete, uncovered flooring.
❖ Two water fountains are located in the 1st floor lobby of the west wing, and are 32” and 37” in
height from the floor.
❖ In addition to the main entrance, it is possible to access the main lobby via the garden north
entrance. This entrance is accessed via a ramp from Pleasant Avenue, followed by four 7-inch
steps. The door is 2’10” wide with ⅛ inch lip

❖ West Wing elevator which accesses floors one through four measures at 8 ft by 5 ft 10 inches,
with a ½ inch gap in the elevator door
❖ The ADA Lift located in the ground floor lobby of the building facilitates access between the
main floor of the lobby, the entrance of the black box theater (112w) and the Sunroom. It
measures at 5 ft by 3 ft with a ⅛” lip to the door of the lift. The Lift is operated by pressing down
continually on a metal “call button”.
❖ For additional safety and maintenance, the service number for the lift is posted near the door.
❖ If you are coming from the ADA Lift to the entrance of 112w, please note that while the hall is 5
ft 9 inches wide, there is often additional seating and other furniture placed there. Please
contact the event organizer if you have any questions or concerns about use of the lift.

❖ There are two ADA compliant restrooms off the first floor lobby, one near the second floor west
wing elevator, and one close to the Sunroom in the east wing.
❖ The first floor restrooms are gender inclusive, and are six foot nine inches by nine foot six
inches in dimension. There are handrails and a baby-changing station (2 ft 9 inches high) in this
restroom. The sink is 2 ft 8 inches high
❖ The second floor restrooms are accessed either via the west wing elevator mentioned above, or
two flight of stairs from lobby level to 2nd floor, comprising twenty seven 7 inch steps
❖ The second floor includes two accessible restrooms that are gender inclusive, and measure six
foot nine inches by nine foot six inches, with a small cabinet taking up some space in one of the
restrooms. The sink is 2 ft 9 inches high in each location.

2022 Fringe Button and proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for entry.


There is parking available across the street from CFPA at Lake Country School: located at
3755 Pleasant Ave
Limited street parking is available. There are no metered parking spots in the neighborhood. There are
some 15 minute restricted spots on Pleasant Avenue during school hours.

Bus and bike

➔ Bus #23 westbound stops just steps away, at the intersection of W 38th Street and Pleasant Avenue S
➔ Bus #23 eastbound stops just steps away, at the intersection of W 38th Street and Grand Avenue
➔ Buses #18 northbound stops just steps away, at the intersection of W 38th Street and Pleasant Avenue S
➔ Bus #18 southbound stops approximately two blocks away, at the intersection of W 36th Street and Grand Avenue S
➔ Bus #113 northbound stops a block away, at the intersection of W 37th Street and Grand Avenue S
➔ Bus #113 southbound stops approximately two blocks away, at the intersection of W 36th Street and Grand Avenue S
Located in the vestibule of the 38th Street entrance, CFPA has provided a Metro Transit “NexTrip”
screen, which displays real-time updates on bus arrivals and departures in the area.

Our transportation partner, Nice Ride, provides art lovers, festival-goers, and city-dwellers of all kinds with a fun shared bike and scooter to explore the culture in Minneapolis. Unlock, hop on, and enjoy the show!

Nice Ride offers Fringe attendees $15 in FREE access to our shared bikes and scooters throughout the Festival. Use code: FRINGEFEST22 for (3) trips up to $5.00 each, valid August 4-14.

Redeem directly in the Lyft or through the app under REWARDS in the Menu.
For more detailed instructions, check out our FAQ.

The nearest bike paths are Blaisdell Avenue (southbound), 1st Avenue S (northbound), W 40th Street
(westbound), W 31st Street (eastbound & westbound). Please note that highway 35W cannot be
crossed over or under at the following streets: W32nd, W33rd, W34th, W37th, W39th, W41st

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Shows at CFPA Flex

3 Guys on Stage Who Get Hit with Hot Dogs, Snow Cones, etc.
By an alleged Theatre Company
Action Will Be Taken! - (an ACTION-PACKED Play!!)
By Blue Moon Theater
Dancing through Egypt
By Jawaahir Dance Company
By Gerry Shannon
In This House
By Samantha Mae Productions
Lot o' Shakespeare
By Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre
Neil Gaiman's "The Wedding Present"
By Lampstand of the Covenant Productions
Sunshine by Adam Szudrich
By House Full of Frogs

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CFPA Flex Showtimes on: August 04, 2022

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