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Couple Fight: The Musical!

By Weggel-Reed Productions

Created by Anna Weggel-Reed and Tom Reed

Real couples reenacting their real fights as a fully-fledged musical review. Enjoy new couples and returning favorites perform never-before-seen fights made palatable by clever writing and inspiring music.
Adult language
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Curious to see how last year's top-selling Minnesota Fringe production fares as a musical? So are we!

"Couple Fight: The Musical!" features real couples reenacting their real fights as a fully-fledged musical review. You'll see returning favorites and brand new pairs of lovers and friends fight to keep their love strong through musical numbers, dances, and hilariously differing levels of sonic abilities. The real-life couple behind the Couple Fight franchise Anna Weggel-Reed and Tom Reed will be teaming up with Keith Hovis (creator of 2017 Fringe hit "Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant: A New Musical") to bring you never-before-seen fights made palatable by clever writing and inspiring music.

Praise for 2017's "Couple Fight 3: Weddings!":

"One of the most hilarious shows in the festival. “Couple Fight” creator Anna Weggel-Reed and director Tom Reed have hit upon a Fringe franchise that shares ridiculous yet relatable stories from real life couples." -Star Tribune

"Just like presenters of confessional first-person shows about childhood embarrassments, the producers of this Fringe franchise will never run out of material. Couples fight, and then they make up, and then they laugh about it." -CityPages

"I hope the Weggel-Reeds continue to do this show every year. Because nothing is funnier than watching funny people fight with someone they love about something ridiculous." -Cherry and Spoon

"In the latest addition to the popular “Couple Fight” series, actual couples re-enact fights they have had in real life. The snippet we saw – about tiny pies in Mason jars – was wickedly funny." -MinnPost "Must-See" list

"(Tom) and his equally funny and talented wife Anna Weggel have launched another series called Couple Fight, restaging theater couples’ most ridiculous relationship fights." -"Returning Favorites List" - Single White Fringe Geek

Praise for 2016's "Couple Fight II: Friends and Family":

"This 2015 Fringe favorite returns for a well-deserved encore with seven new pairs of friends, family and lovers picking open old scabs for our entertainment... the play hits its jokes hard without leaning too heavily on mushy-gushy themes of making up nice." -Star Tribune 

"We see seven relationships in extremis, and it’s hilarious. Outside of context and with the passage of time, these little snippets of domestic conflict are harmless and fun, proving the equation that tragedy plus time equals comedy."-Pioneer Press

"Like Beverly Hills Cop, you don't need to have seen the original to enjoy the sequel. The show's clever premise is to have pairs of friends, relatives, and dating partners reenact actual fights they've had."-City Pages

"It's the first Fringe show that brought me to tears of laughter. With fights about topics both silly and serious, the show allows you to laugh at this human experience we all share." -Cherry and Spoon

Praise for 2015's "Couple Fight":

"What happens when two funny people get married, and then they fight? Judging by 'Couple Fight', it's hilarious, at least it is to those of us watching, and probably also to the couple once they move beyond the moment." -Cherry and Spoon 

"We were laughing hysterically from the get go. The presentation is so intelligent, too, including the perfect intro and the perfect ending – they thought out Couple Fight extremely well and it’s not just, 'Here’s six fights we’ve had in real life'." -One Girl Two Cities
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