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Cat Confidential: The Secret Lives of the Mothers of Lions

By Weggel Productions

Created by Anna Weggel, Lauren Anderson and the cast

The co-creator of best-selling Fringe franchise “Couple Fight” brings you a variety show starring the mothers of CATS! Treat yourself to music, storytelling and sketches by 10 talented and mighty women.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Take "Couple Fight", but take out the couples, and add piles and piles of cats. That's what you get with "Cat Confidential". Ten talented women will weave honest stories, beautiful music, and hilarious sketches through an hour of cat-themed content. Whether you love cats or whether you hate them (but why would you, you MONSTER), the show will delight you, tickle your funny bone, and make you feel all the feels. Just like our cats do.

Best bet lists:

MN Theater Love:This one's for all the crazy cat ladies out there--and you know who you are. This show features an amazing cast of hilarious women paying tribute to their cats. Honestly, with this cast, we'd happily listen to them talk (or sing) about anything.

Cherry and Spoon: As a mother of three lions myself, this show (featuring even more funny Twin Cities women) was Made. For. Me!

City PagesIt’s raining cats and dogs in new shows from, respectively, Couple Fight co-creator Anna Weggel and the aptly named Off-Leash Area.

St. Cloud Times:Whether you're a cat person or not, any pet owner can enjoy this heartfelt hour of kitty-themed content. 


Cherry and SpoonI found these stories to be so relatable and human. Because it's not just about cats, really, but about how having animals in our lives enriches our lives. This show is a must-see for cat-lovers

City Pages:Amusing stories that go way beyond Garfield-level gags about how cats just love to eat and lie in sunbeams.
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