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Glass & Lady M.

By Full Circle Theater Company

Created by Lindsey Bushnell and Martha B. Johnson

Two Pieces, One Compelling Vision: GLASS, a dystopian, feminist absurdist play by Lindsey Bushnell; and LADY M., a ritualistic re-imagining of Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene conceived by Martha B. Johnson
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Glass & Lady M. at Dreamland Arts August 1-11

Two Short, Compelling Theater Pieces--One Imaginative Vision

Full Circle Theater Company presents Glass &  Lady M. at the Fringe as part of the Festival’s newly established Minnesota Fringe Independently Produced (IP) Series.  



Both the Hamline Light Rail Station and Bus #67 stops are within walking distance of Dreamland Arts.


SPECIAL OFFER:  A cookie is offered to each artist in the Artist Rush Line!


Described by its playwright Lindsey Bushnell as “A Feminist Absurdist Play,” Glass is set in a dystopian world where four women are psychologically trapped and controlled behind glass by an unseen Man. Each woman is an archetype--nurturer (Apple Woman), housekeeper (Sweeping Woman), mother (Rocking Woman), and woman obsessed with body image (Too Woman)--and each has her own views of escape. Glass tackles gender, economic, and societal issues faced by women throughout the centuries.

Lady M.

Conceived by Martha B. Johnson, Lady M. is a reimagining of Lady Macbeth’s iconic sleepwalking scene (“Out, damned spot”) from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  Using mythical and ritualistic theatrical techniques, this piece re-envisions Lady Macbeth’s profound remorse and guilt as a wake-up call for America to similarly acknowledge the problematic nature of American history, and to feel the humanizing power of remorse.

Location and Parking Information:

Address:  677 Hamline Ave N, St. Paul MN 55104

~10-minute drive from the Minneapolis West Bank
~Free street parking on Hamline Ave. 
~Near the Hamline Light Rail Station
~Close to #67 bus route linking the West Bank area with the intersection of Hamline and Minnehaha Avenues.  
~Bus #67 also links Downtown St. Paul with intersection of Hamline and Minnehaha Avenues.
~Dreamland Arts has a bike rack right in front of the theater.

Full Circle Theater Company

Our mission is to produce heartfelt, groundbreaking theater that artfully addresses issues of diversity and social justice for 21st-century audiences.
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