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Peace Retreat

By New Endeavors

Written by Andy Rakerd

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Marital woes + armed assassins = a lousy vacation. Secrets are revealed and tension builds to a violent conclusion in this dark comedy from the producers of The Buttslasher and Love and Persuasion.
Abuse/Physical violence,Adult language,Crude Humor,Gun/Weapon usage,Violence
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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New Endeavors is a small, local theatre company committed to bringing new works to the stage. Previous Fringe Festival productions have been Love and Persuasion, The Buttslasher, and The Buttslasher: And Then There Were Buns.

In Peace Reatreat, a struggling married couple hopes to rekindle their relationship at a secluded cabin weekend. Their idyllic retreat is soon interrupted by a pair of assassins with mysterious intentions. The mystery unravels over the course of an evening, and all is not as it seems. The tension builds toward a tense conclusion that has plenty of violence and touch of irreverant humor. This show is great for audience members looking for a mystery/thriller with dark comedic elements.

Check out our preview video here:
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