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20,000 Leagues Under the Telltale Heart

By Wet Splat Productions

Created by Will Schroeder, Bret Meyer, Cody Madison

Verne! Poe! Dickens! Twain! Christian Andersen! Kafka! Join us for a series of improvised tableaus based on their real-life correspondence. Everything in this show definitely, definitely really happened!
Adult language,Violence
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Fri 08/04 8:30 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

Sat 08/05 10:00 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

Tue 08/08 7:00 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

Thu 08/10 10:00 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

Sun 08/13 5:30 PM

Pre-sale closed Online sales end at 11:59pm the day before the show, or when 70% of the house is sold.

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Video Trailer
Cast and Crew
Mark Twain (Adam Mellerup)
Ensemble Player
Samuel Longhorne Clemens is a life-lived humorist. Paragon of Midwest living. When he isn't living, he is writing under the name Mark Twain. Mark Twain enjoys a leisurely pipe smoke and a good debate. ENTP is his personality type. Known for his quotes, he always has something to say about something. This is Mark Twain's 18th Fringe show!
Hans Christian Andersen (Ari Newman)
Ensemble Player
Hans Christian Andersen (he/they) isn’t like the other boys. So very shy and mysterious, the townspeople say, but also pretty and alluring! Hans loves sitting in their garden, and gossiping with the hydrangeas (for everyone knows they are the chattiest blossoms! Never tell them your secrets unless you want every bird and butterfly to know it!) Hans lives, works, and cuddles with his best friends Franzy, Julesy, Eddy, Marksy, and Charles (swoon). For this Fringe Festival 2023 Hans hopes to find a boyfriend.
Edgar Allan Poe (Bret Meyer)
Ensemble Player
Edgar Allan Poe is the shadow of Boston, a man well-versed in mystery and the darkness that lies in men's hearts and beyond. A gambler, writer, and occult detective, he seeks justice for the mortal and supernatural realm, carrying on despite his tortured mind. He reluctantly stars in this Fringe production.
Franz Kafka (Chip Gehring)
Ensemble Player
Franz Kafka is a father-fearing, beetle-morphing bureaucrat about town. You can find him in his apartment starting but never finishing his novels, and fighting off a cough. This is his first Fringe festival!
Charles Dickens (Cody Madison)
Ensemble Player
Charles Dickens is the toast - and the ghost - of London. When he isn't writing best selling novels about class and Christmas, he's often fulfilling his washed up dreams of being an actor by performing said stories to crowds, or haunting the upper crust into being better people. This is Dickens' first performance at the Fringe!
Jules Verne (Will Schroeder)
Ensemble Player
Jules Verne, if he could, would wed all tomorrows, for he is captivated by tomorrow's promise of adventure! But alas, he is a man - literally a self-made man, as over the years his inventions have become part of his own flesh-and-clockwork body. He spends a lot of time tinkering in lighthouses. This is Jules' first time producing a Fringe show!
Julie Censullo
Foley Artist
Julie Censullo finds herself most preoccupied by the peculiarities of sounds. Indeed, she spends her time tinkering with her sound machine, laboring to capture unique sounds so that they might be preserved and deployed on command. Equipped with the magical mysticism of her sound "pod," as she calls her sound machine, she casts sounds out upon audiences.
Mal Mohn
Mal Mohn is a street urchin by trade, she is! She’s not one for reading nor writing nor 'rithmetics, she isn’t! She’s right good with her hands though, whether it’s making moppets or picking pockets! Cheerio, innit! Pip pip!
Ryan Klima
Ryan Klima was born on Christmas Day, 1845, and raised in Austria-Hungary. A draftsman and machinist by trade, he befriended Thomas Alva Edison at the International Exposition of Electricity in Paris and was granted unlimited use of his most prized invention: the phonograph.
John Schroeder
Original Song
John Schroeder was born in Hamburg in 1824, the son of Ludwig Van Grotten, a German blacksmith, and Margaret Clara Edmonton, an English seamstress. His musical training began in Bonn. He spent the last five years in the coveted position of court clavichordist for Archbishop-Elector of Stuttgart, Archibald Dietrich Eierkuchen. This is his first Fringe Festival and also his first foray into secular music.
Ensemble Player
Who...WHO??? Find out in our final performance!
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