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By Garrison Shea

Created by Garrison Shea

Ben is a musician who wants to compose music for films but feels stuck. When the perfect opportunity presents itself, he sprints towards it, leaving a wake of collateral damage behind him.
Adult language,Crude Humor,Drug Content,Flashing lights,Loud noises,Mental illness,Sexual content
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Cast and Crew
Garrison Shea
Ben/Director/Writer/Musical Director/Composer
(he/him) Garrison Shea is a software engineer and is new to writing and directing. He could not be more proud of this incredible cast. His passion is composing and producing music and he can be found accompanying improv groups and shows around the Twin Cities including Babe Train, My Town, Creature Feature, and this upcoming fall, The Pull. He is always looking to collaborate and make music and magic with other artists, so please contact him at for any inquiries. Happy Fringe!
Michael Rogers
(he/him) Michael Rogers is a director, actor, writer, improviser, and miniature painter. He produces and directs improv and theater year-round as half of the mpls improv troupe My Town . On stage, he plays through a smile and veers into abstraction and the absurd through pop culture references, mirthful boyishness, and bouts of song. IG: @mr.mikerogers @mytownimprov
Kendra Yarke
(she/her) Kendra Yarke is a kindergarten teacher by day and theater artist by night. In her free time, Kendra explores the world of improv, sketch comedy, and stand-up. She has been involved in productions like Smartmouth Comedy’s “Who Killed Ariel: A Princess Murder Mystery," Sidekick Theatre’s, “The Marvelous Wonderettes," and Strange Theatre’s,”Hexes on Exes.” Kendra has also written countless sketches with Smartmouth Comedy and worked as a lead writer and performer for the Fringe Festival performances of “Director's Cut: Survivor." She is thrilled to be performing in two Fringe Festival shows this year, “Allegro” and “Adaptopus.” Happy Fringe, everyone!!
Nora Coyle
(she/her) Nora Neisen is a twin cities actor and improviser who is REAL excited to be participating in this year’s Fringe Festival. You can also catch her with Opera Punks musical improv at the Rarig X Theater.
Brad Mondloch
Stage Manager
(he/him) Brad Mondloch is the odd one in this production as he is completely new to theater and is a medical student at the University of Minnesota. Although he has never been on stage, he is a huge supporter of local theater and describes himself as "the best audience member with a distinct laugh." He is beyond thrilled to be involved with this project and to be a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival!
Eric Heiberg
Voice of Ben's Dad
Jill Bernard
Voice of Ben's Mom
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What does Allegro mean?

The term "allegro" is an Italian musical term that is commonly used in classical music notation. It is derived from the Italian word "allegro," which means "cheerful" or "lively." In music, "allegro" is an indication of tempo, referring to a fast and brisk pace of playing or singing.

Is Allegro a musical?

If you love musicals, you're in luck! There is a musical number in the show. If you hate musicals, you're also in luck! There's only one musical number in the show. 

But there is music, right?

Allegro's main character, Ben, literally controls and hears a film score that follows him around his everyday life. This film score is an important character in a story about feeling unheard. 

What makes this show unique?

Allegro's main character, Ben, can hear and control a literal film score that follows him around as he navigates his complicated life. People who are close to Ben can also hear this music, but strangers cannot. And everyone else falls on a spectrum - the more people care about Ben, the more music they hear. But as Ben sprints towards his musical dreams and freedom from a job he hates, the increasing pressure chips away at the control he has over the music.

Do I need to know anything about music to enjoy the show?

Absolutely not! This show is for everyone - seriously. While the story follows a guy who wants to be a musician, the show is about coping with not being where you want to be in life. And how we should cherish the people who can already hear us instead of fixating on how many others still don't.
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