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Fire in My Veins: Blazing through Life with Invisible Illness

By Allison Broeren

Written by Allison Broeren

This romp with Allison about living with a rare autoimmune disease for 20 years has it all. Chronic illness is hard, horrifying, and honestly, sometimes hilarious. See the remount after a sold out opening run.
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The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Cast and Crew
Allison Broeren
Allison Broeren is a storyteller, producer, and co-founder of Strike Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. Past Fringe shows have included hits All the Things I Never Told My Mother and I’ll Marry You For Health Insurance. This most recent show was commissioned by Kevin Kling and Co. for a performance at Open Eye Theatre. Allison has organized between 50-70 shows a year since 2006 in the Twin Cities. Allison teaches storytelling at Strike Theater, has been heard on the Moth Main Stage, MPR, The MN Book Awards, MN Fringe Festival, KFAI, The Tour de Fat MainStage, political fundraisers, local block parties, and coffee tables all through the land. The City Pages has named her an artist to watch and awarded her Best Spoken Word Event. The Pioneer Press named her shows the Best Performance Opportunity. In 2013 she was named a Changemaker of the Year for her work on the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Allison loves a great story--both sharing and listening--and is so excited to be sharing her newest work with you!
Show Tech and Muse
Marlow is the patient and steady partner of Allison Broeren. He'll be in the tech booth each night making his queen shine. Just kidding, he'll be playing games on his phone and pushing buttons sometimes. He's an integral part of Allison's entire show creation process as an sounding board, spoon carrier, supporter and more.
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Show Description

"Brilliant. Best of the Fest. 5 Stars." Matthew Everett, Theater Reviewer

"At its best theater can share the experience of people who are different than we are, help us feel connected to them, and engender empathy. This show does that in spades, and is funny, relatable, and moving." -Cheery & Spoon, Theater Bloggers

After a sold out run presented by Kevin Kling and Co. at the Open Eye Theatre last winter Allison Broeren is excited to remount her show FIRE IN MY VEINS.

Living with chronic illness is hard, horrifying, and honestly, sometimes hilarious. In FIRE IN MY VEINS, storyteller Allison Broeren takes you on the romp of living life with a rare autoimmune disease. Almost 20 years after her initial diagnosis, she thinks she has it figured out…then the pandemic hits, and her chemo tries to kill her, so - back to the drawing board!

Over the last 20 years a lot has changed about the acceptance of invisible illnesses in the mainstream conversation and Allison is delighted to share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amazing job some chemos do bikini waxing, while sharing her journey.

***SPECIAL NOTE Sat 8/05 and Thu 8/10 8:30 performances with be special extended versions of the show with a 90 minute run time. The other performances with be 60 minutes.***

Show Reviews

“...already the best creative work about the complexities of chronic illness I’ve seen…maybe ever? She combines critique of how our society is not set up to support those of us who will never “get better” with the poetry of what it means to survive. All of it undergirded with her trademark humor that makes it a real pleasure rather than a wall of TOO much. Please go see this.”
-Scott Artley, Audience Member

“I saw Fire in My Veins tonight and had to leave the after-show hang because it was TOO GOOD and I was TOO emotional! Please go see it. If you have chronic, invisible illness you will feel so seen and have such a catharsis and be so made and every friend or lover or job who ditched you because they were uncomfortable. 

If you know somebody with chronic, invisible illness you NEED to see it. You will learn so much. I laughed a lot, but I was also really shaken in a way I probably needed.

A visualization of spoon theory that made my always supportive queerplatonic partner actually get what I’m going through on any given day. (They are ALWAYS willing to help me out, but seeing them truly get it was really special).” 

-Cassanda Snow, Writer, Theatre Artist and Tarotist 



-Bruce, the service dog in training who watched this as his very first show. He was the bestest boy.

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