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Phoenix Presents

By Phoenix Theater

Created by Scot Froelich, Rob Ward, Brian Watson-Jones

This is an anthology of three unique shows. "Aging In An Age of Change"/Scot Froelich. "Slices"/Brian Watson-Jones. "How to Kill a Horse"/Rob Ward. Full descriptions and order on the Phoenix website.
Abuse/Physical violence,Adult language,Blood,Crude Humor,Drug Content,Gun/Weapon usage,Mental illness,Sexual content,Sexual violence,Suicidal ideation/self-harm,Violence,Other divisive content
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Cast and Crew
Scot Froelich
Writer/Performer (Age of Change)
Scot Froelich is a longtime Fringer, having produced three other shows at Fringe - "Men Will Be Boys," "Break Your Heart," and "A Man's Guide" - performed in a half dozen others, and created sound design for countless shows, including this year's “When You Hear the Chime” and "Age of Change." He's also an author whose work can be found on Amazon and at, and a musician who hosts the monthly show "Singin' With Scot" (formerly "Whiskey In the Living Room") at The Phoenix.
Mike Mellas
Director (Age of Change)
Mike Mellas is a director and dramaturg in the Twin Cities. He's honored Scot and Ben brought him in on this project! When he's not doing theatre, he's typically cuddling with his dogs, or listening to his super talented partner Nicole sing. Check out another show Mike's directing for the Fringe: Tales From the Fiefdom by Bubba Holly and Louie Opatz at The Southern Theatre.
Ben Layne
Collaborator (Age of Change)
Ben Layne is proud to be collaborating with Scot Moore and One T Productions once again, having worked with Scot previously on Men Will Be Boys and Break Your Heart. Ben has also served as Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Freshwater Theatre for over 12 years, and has worked as a freelance director and actor around the Twin Cities for nearly 20 years. Recently, Ben has shifted his focus, and started studying Marriage and Family Therapy in the Graduate program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.
Rob Ward
Writer/Performer (How to Kill a Horse!)
Rob Ward is an actor, author, and choreographer based out of Minneapolis. He’s co-written several plays including Waiting For Hugs, Mendacity, and Full Metal Rabbit, and collaborated on many devised works such as Geminae, The Last Bombardment, Clocked, Circulate, and The Goodbye Project, and was the author of the 10-minute web play, Doomsday at Noon. In addition to theatrical works, Rob has written several short stories and poems, four of which were featured on the Dead North Podcast. He is currently working on his next play, A Cackle Out Of Alouette. His debut novel, Click, is available on Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & To learn more about Rob and see what he's up to next, check out his website,
Thomas Buan
Director (How to Kill a Horse!)
Brian Watson-Jones
Curator/Director/Performer (Slices)
Brian Watson-Jones (he/him) is delighted to finally bring this notion to the stage after kicking the idea around for... too many years. As an actor, he's performed with Mounds Theater, Six Elements, Live Action Set, Upright Egg, Theater in the Round, and was last seen at the Fringe as the Ringmaster in The Bisexual Unicorn. His writing has been performed from Los Angeles to Prague, usually in English but occasionally in Klingon. He also writes for and performs in the horror anthology podcast Ghost Wax, which you can find on whatever app you use for such things. His resume is looking more and more like a red-stringed conspiracy board every day, but whaddya gonna do?
Cate Jackson
Performer (Slices)
Cate Jackson (she/her) is thrilled to be returning to Fringe with this brilliant crew! She has worked across the cities with Haunted Basement and Catacomb Collective, Nimbus Theater, Smartmouth Comedy, Sparkle Theatricals, Jackdonkey Productions, Little Lifeboats, An Alleged Theater Company, TheatreX, The BAND Group, TRP, Live Action Set, and more. At home Cate is a chaos gardener with a pollen allergy and a cat mom.
Gregory Parks
Performer (Slices)
Gregory Parks is an actor, improviser, and clown from the Twin Cities. He’s toured with Ringling Brothers Circus in the USA and Kinoshita Circus in Japan, has been performing solo, mostly-silent improv as Where I Am Now for nine years, and has appeared in lead and secondary roles in A Klingon Christmas Carol and It’s an Honorable Life. He loves his fiancée and the fuzzy roommate Catsian Andor.
H Jo Raiter
Performer (Slices)
H Jo Raiter is an artist, designer, horror enthusiast, and actor. Their last work was co-creating and directing Ted's Talk with the Haunted Basement / Catacomb Collective for the Twin Cities Horror Festival in 2022. They love gnomes, cats, and mustaches, so if you have a cat with a mustache who's dressed as a gnome, they want to see a picture.
Clay McLeod Chapman
Writer (Slices)
Clay McLeod Chapman is the author of, among other works, the novels "What Kind of Mother" and "Ghost Eaters", the comics "Self Storage" and "Scream: Curse of Carnage", the podcast "Quiet Part Loud" (with Mac Rogers), and the original book for "Wendell & Wild" (with Henry Selick).
More Information

Show A: Aging In An Age of Change

We don't have to burn out or fade away. There's a third option between taking up too much space and ceasing to exist.
written and performed by Scot Froelich
directed by Mike Mellas
script collaborator Ben Layne
Performing 8/4 at 7pm; 8/5 at 8:30pm, 8/6 at 5:30pm, 8/11 at 10pm, and 8/12 at 8:30pm
Show B: Slices

Slices is a collection of storytelling monologues from The Pumpkin Pie Show by Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Ghost Eaters (a novel), Quiet Part Loud (a podcast), Scream: The Curse of Carnage (a Marvel comic), and the book upon which Wendell & Wild is based (a film), among many other projects. Dark, twisted, and occasionally humorous stories told by those on the edges of society, sanity, and morality. Performed by Cate Jackson, Gregory Parks, H Jo Raiter, and Brian Watson-Jones.
Performing 8/4 at 8:30pm, 8/5 at 5:30pm, 8/6 at 7pm, 8/11 at 7pm, and 8/12 at 7pm 
Show C: How to Kill a Horse!
A pitch-black, one-man musical comedy about the true history of the weirdest, nastiest, horse-killingest case of fraud in American history!
Written and Performed by Rob Ward
Performing 8/4 at 10pm, 8/5 at 7pm, 8/6 at 4pm, 8/11 at 8:30pm, and 8/12 at 5:30pm



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