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My Only Hope for a Hero

By Rogues Gallery Arts

Created by Duck Washington

Local theater maker, Duck Washington, returns to the Fringe with his one person exploration of bravery and cowardice. In this ever changing world, does Duck have what it takes to be a hero? Does anyone?
Adult language,Suicidal ideation/self-harm
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Fri 08/04 AD 5:30 PM

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Sat 08/05 2:30 PM

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Sun 08/13 8:30 PM

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Video Trailer
Cast and Crew
Duck Washington
Duck Washington (he/him) is an actor, director, audio designer, improvisor and playwright who has been working as a theater artist in the Twin Cities area for over 2 years. Duck is the Executive Director of the Twin Cities Horror Festival and is a member of Blackout Improv, The Theater of Public Policy, Fearless Comedy Productions and Vilification Tennis. Duck co produces The Encyclopedia Show: Minneapolis and is the founder of Rogues Gallery Arts. Some previous Fringe shows include Finger Lickin' Good (actor), Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales (creator, performer), The Sound of Footloose (actor), It is so Ordered, the Supreme Court's Greatest Hits (performer), Couch Aliens vs the False World (playwright), Fringe Orphans (playwright, performer, director), THAC0 (performer) and MacBeth: The Video Game Remix (actor) Some works outside the festival include All Your White Darlings with Dangerous Productions (playwright), Reboot with Walking Shadow (playwright), A Very Die Hard Christmas (actor), True West with Theatre in the Round (director), Much Ado About Nothing with Fearless Comedy Productions (director), and Charcoal Moon with Rogues Gallery Arts (playwright, director). Duck performs regularly as an understudy with the Brave New Workshop and is an improv instructor at HUGE Theater and the University of Minnesota. In 2016 he won the award of Best Actor in a Play from Broadway World Minneapolis. Duck is also writing and appearing in Ghoulish Delights 5 Prisoners which is also playing in this festival.
Jena Young
Jena Young (she/her) has been involved with over 30 productions with the MN Fringe Festival as a director, producer, storyteller, dancer, performer, fight choreographer, and clown. Past Fringe shows with long titles include “Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales,” “William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead,” “Wilhelmina and Theodore’s Exquisite Victorian Adventure,” "The Bisexual Unicorn and Other Mythological Creatures," “On the Differences Between Two Ladies and the Resolution Thereof,” and her own one-woman show "Memoirs of a Welfare Queen." She is known as a regular at The Encyclopedia Show and local storytelling shows, and is president of the board that produces the Twin Cities Horror Festival. Jena also once placed 5th in a balloon fencing tournament.
CJ Mantel
CJ Mantel makes a lot of things. Usually those things are costumes, which she has done for Fearless Comedy Productions, Rogues Gallery Arts, The Chameleon Theatre Circle, Fortune's Fool Theater, the Historic Mounds Theater, and Cromulent Shakespeare company. This is her first show doing sets and props. CJ also makes the occasional puppet, and rather a lot of chainmail for a 21st century resident.
More Information

What does it mean to be a hero?

Photo of creator Duck Washington leaning against a wallI've always been a great admirerer of heroes. All the protagonists in all the stories I read as a child made me want to be just like them. But what does it mean exactly to be a hero? How does someone achieve it? I use situations from my own life as well as popular culture to explore what exactly a hero is and whether or not I have what is necessary to be one. There will be laughter, there will be sorrow, but I hope I can inspire someone to be a little bit more courageous in their everyday life.

After writing and starring in the now banned in Burnsville Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and other Mulatto Tales, which featured a lot of self reflexive story telling, a number of people commented that they would love to see me create a one person show. The idea floated in my brain for years and recently I decided this would be that show. I'm excited to be jumping out of my normal box and continue to tell audiences what I think in such an intimate way.



What is Rogues Gallery Arts?
Rogues Gallery Arts logo- a racoon in a mask holding a board with the company name on it

Rogues Gallery Arts is an organization I created  for theatrical endevours I have wanted to produce myself. Since its founding in 2010 it has produced both my work and the works of others. We have had shows in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, The Twin Cities Horror Festival, at HUGE Theater, the Dead North Podcast and more. Our productions have been everything from gut wrenching horror like Intuition and the Mantis and Charcoal Moon to improv comedy like Blackout in the Minnesota Fringe and Bedsheet Togas.



Where else can we find you?

Right here in this same theater in this same festival you can also see me in Ghouish Delight's 5 Prisoners. On that show I serve as both one of its writers and one of its performers having written a piece for it called Moonbase IV.  You can learn more about 5 Prisoners here.

After the Fringe is over you can see me in Theatre Pro Rata's upcoming production of  Bernhardt/Hamlet this coming October and A Very Die Hard Xmas this coming December. In February I will be directing Freedom Riders for the Youth Perfomance Company. And of course I can also regularly been onstage with Blackout Improv, The Theater of Public Policy, Vilification Tennis, and Double Blind Improv.

Photo of creator Duck Washington sitting on a curb with a large balnk building behind him.
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