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Fringe Hangover

SEPTEMBER 14-24, 2023

The Fringe Hangover

The 2023 Minnesota Fringe Festival took place August 3-13, 2023, filling more than 20,000 seats with thousands of audience members watching over 500 artists in 525 performances of 101 shows. While Fringe Fanatics took in an average of 4 shows during the festival, the maximum number any one person could see is 55. 

For those of you who still crave more, we're excited to bring you the first ever Fringe Hangover - an online digital Fringe featuring shows from the 30th Annual Minnesota Fringe Festival recorded live during our annual summer celebration of the performing arts. Brought to you in partnership with Fringe sponsor Pennant, a fully-hosted, custom-branded streaming video platform, the Fringe Hangover directly supports participating artists. 

Ticket prices are determined by the producer and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the artist, less a $1 processing fee supporting our partner, Pennant. 

Now our adventurous audiences can Fringe Binge just a bit longer and participate in the Fringe Hangover to further support adventurous artists in their triumphant return to the theater!

Watch the Shows!

Show Link Producer Show Link
"Well-Made" Bread MADROSA Extreme Roadshow John Orenstein
4 Bisexuals and 2 Guys Named John Kill Dracula Lady Chamberlain Productions Gilgamesh John Heimbuch
A Girl Scout's Guide to ExorcismMelancholics AnonymousBreakneck Midsummer Night's DreamTimothy Mooney Repertory Theater
A Swimming Lesson in a Theatre Without a Lifeguard an alleged Theatre Company In Celebration of the Mysterious Legend's Ghost Productions
Against the Odds: Rachel Carson and the Writing of SILENT SPRING Rippling Stories JONAH & JOANNA... And the Great Big Fish Marie Cooney Stories
Audacious Ignatius: Lost in Atlantis Kyle B. Dekker Kill B: The Epilogue Six Elements Theatre
Baldwin's Last Fire Black Lives Black Words International Project Kill Me, Too Berlin Productions
Behemoth Hey Rube! Let Me Say This About That Imaginary Podcast Network
Romeo & Juliet Are DeadBlinking Eye TheatreMother Courage Bear and Her ChildrenClevername Theatre
Betsy Show Elizabeth Young Omar Khayyam Club Thee & Me Productions
Choose Your Own Fringe Adventure Lady Z Productions Pearl and Eugene: One Last Shtick Clucklesworth Productions
Coyfish THEATRE23 Phoenix Presents: How to Kill A Horse Phoenix Theater
Dearest Mother Juggling Act Productions Primary Alex Church
Doline: Emerging into the Light Shelter Repertory Dance Theatre Reincarnation Soup Viet Nguyen
Epimetheus Zercher Productions Stabby Stab Stab Special When Lit and The Winding Sheet Outfit
Everything Bagel Michael Shaeffer The Brothers Dangus Vol. 2: The People v. Dango (A Court-Mandated Parable) The Brothers Dangus
The Spell of the YukonDavid GrahamTwo Stars in the Vast DarkFound Creature
BRUTUSRebecca Wickert and Ella Eastman-Kiesow
Uncle WaltThe World Crime League
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